• I have been using the classic metal choke collar for the last 3 years. I live in a city and need the type of collar that will not slip off. My basenji will be 4 this year and now that he is full grown and can be very powerful. I'm thinking the metal choke collar could really hurt him. I like that thick soft choke collar I've seen on a few basenjis. I can't seem to find where to buy one. Any ideas….. Thanks

  • I used martingales or limited slip collars. I like ones lined with fleece or leather as they don't rub their hair.

    I've bought collars from http://fuzzywumpets.com/ and http://www.2houndsdesign.com/.

  • We use a martingale but these must be adjusted correctly or they can still slip out as I found out one day when I had not fitted it correctly. Think we purchased off ETSY.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Thanks, it has to be a collar that's always on… The people that live in a city with a basenji & have to walk your B know what I mean.
    Life is always interesting if a basenji is in your life.....

  • I picked up one of these and found it perfect for walks.


    I like the width of the collar. If you size it correctly, it will just barely fit over the dog's head when you hold it open, so any pressure on the leash prevents it from coming off. (a 12" fits Perry perfectly). I don't leave it on him in the house, only use it for walking. For identification I like an embroidered collar with his name and phone number…...no tags to lose!

    You can find many different designs and materials for hound martingale collars on line. The width guards against injuring the neck, especially if the dog pulls or you need to take hold of him firmly. I think they are a good combination of looks and control for a Basenji!

  • martingales- only thing I can use that my boy wont slip out of…that, and if you are used to a choke, this is considered a choke with safety. I am not a fan of collars on all the time due to possible strangulation (i crate my boy)....so I feel the need to put a disclaimer that a martingale does have a "loop on the collar that may catch on something

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