Need Advice Re: Furniture Sales!

  • Duct tape now comes in many colours at your local craft store. I have blue, yellow, two greens, and a pink for my ponies…

    We have had three fuzzy fabric couches destroyed by my old boy.
    We now have a cushy black leather couch, and have had it for almost nine years. The couch (after surviving the old boy and the new puppy) is falling apart due to age! And I bought the cheapest thing I could find, knowing the destruction a Basenji can cause. Our next couch will also be leather. Hair does not stick to it and any accidents (mostly mine from coffee) are easy to wipe up. There are no scratched on this couch at all, though I do Dremel the nails, which I find prevent scratches on everything from couches, my saddles, to hardwood floors.
    We have a leather poing chair and footstool from IKEA, again, no destruction. (and that's the tighter, cheap leather)

    I do know that buffalo/bison leather is not what you want for a couch. It is very easy to scratch up, as well as suede and the fake suede.
    I also have two fuzzy blankets on the couch, and she usually does her digging on those.

  • Ok, so I'm hearing leather might be a good idea after all but I'm not clear on what type ie: REAL leather? "Bonded leather" whatever that is? Knipper, does your sofa have a shiny finish? And where did you get it?

  • I SO recommend leather. My couch is leather with a soft-ish, distressed looking finish. They scratch it up, but because of the softness of the surface the scratches just kind of rub out when you sit on it. I had a shinier, stiffer leather couch before I got the soft one and the scratches remained. I have no idea what this leather is called, but I bet a furniture dealer could advise you. Good luck!

  • We've had (and have) leather furniture that has held up well with both Basenjis and cats. I would recommend, however, that you get sturdy leather and not the "baby soft" (butter soft?) leather.

  • My couch is a shiny black leather from Bob's discount for $799. It was the cheapest, decent looking real leather couch that I could find back then. I really didn't think it would last this long. The previous fabric ones were usually done with in three years.

  • I have had leather for years and I swear by it. Fabric, IMO is an accident waiting to happen! We got the distressed leather look, so no problem with scratches.

  • I have a leather sofa and 2 microfiber chairs. The leather seat part of the sofa, however, is covered with sheepskins. It's warmer and cozier for the pups. I do have one dog that likes to dig, but the leather has done fine. The leather isn't overly distressed look, but nor is it the shiny new look or suede. The microfiber chairs have also held up beautifully. So easy to clean. I just use a damp towel for spills/pee. Cleans like a dream. All of the furniture came off Craigslist at a really good price. The sofa was used, the chairs were from someone who staged homes for a living and was rotating inventory (so, not new, but not used either). Lucky us!

  • I have two leather sofas. the first one I got is a softer version and a lot of the color as worn off from the frequent running of the whippets. the second couch I got was recommended by the sales clerk as performance leather when i told her it had to stand up to dogs running across it. After nearly 3 years it still looks new. It is a shinier leather by natuzzi. We usually have a fleece blanket on the base as its more comfortable for us and the dogs to lay on that way.

  • Honestly I don't have any friends who got leather who didn't regret it except those who don't allow their dogs on the sofa. One of the BRAT people got a very expensive one, dog dug hole first day and he lost a fortune but the store let him return it for a fee and repair cost.

  • I've been debating this myself. I have a sectional that I bought 5-6 years ago, microfiber material. Kananga has already dug through the material where he sleeps (at the corner of the sectional). I had flipped the cushion once to hide the damage, but he did the same thing to the other side.

    Leather just seems much easier to maintain. No worries of accidents, and I'd imagine the leather will just be more durable (depending on the type).

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