Weird Quirks our B's Have…

  • Oh Q-tips I think are Basenji's gift from the B-god. Tucker is the same way…..he will find the q'tips and then de-fuzz them and all you see is a little white ball of cottton and a stick laying somewhere. Becca loves to lay on the heat registers......and she doesn't lay down all nice either, she thumps herself on top of it. i can't imagine whacking my elbow on a metal register as I am trying to lay down! ouch

  • I realized this morning that the morning basenji ritual may not apply to most dogs: both Lola and Becca wake up slowly. First, there are the casual yawns, that evolve into the "dramatic" yawns where they verbalize… "I'm getting up now". Then there's the stretching of the back, like cats do~ a high arch! And finally, there's the long stretch where it looks like they are bowing down- butt up, head down. 🙂

  • First Basenji's


    Nicky's strangest quirk involves eating. Sometimes she will approach her bowl cautiously as if there might be a monster in it, or she will be eating and suddenly back away from it, 2 or 3 rapid steps backward, and I will have to call her and coax her to finish. She may do this several times one day, then not do it again for awhile. We think in her former life there may have been food issues that are residual, because no one here has ever argued with her over food.

    This was interesting to read. Has she always done this or just recently? How old is she? I think I remember you saying she is the senior? anyway, could there be any reflections from somewhere that end up at her bowl? do you think is could be 'floaters' in her eyesight? Some strange noises behind the wall near her bowl?? Very curious indeed. who knows what they see or hear with those ears 🙂

  • Is this unique to basenjis? 🙂

  • Gambit waits till I'm ready to leave the tub then jumps in to chase the whirlpools down the drain.

  • @Patty:

    Is this unique to basenjis? 🙂

    I haven't seen that with mine yet! (although he has most of the unusual sleeping positions nailed.)

    I was thinking about some behaviours that seem common to Basenjis…...and cats, for that matter.......and one that has recurred with all of mine is in regard to visitors. Even the dogs I have had that are relatively "shy" will quickly decide that sitting at the visitor's side is "the place to be." When we have someone over for the evening, my dogs have often ignored us and lavished attention on the new arrival. This apparent instant acceptance can change dramatically if the person attempts to take any liberties.......all of a sudden the dog is shy of them again.........but like a curious cat, they seem to want to spend time close to the new arrival, perhaps to assess whether there is anything to be gained from this person. And just like cats, they do seem to gravitate towards the person who is uncomfortable with a leaning Basenji, or the person who is wearing clothes that tend to collect dog hair! 🙂

  • @Patty:

    Is this unique to basenjis? 🙂

    I've seen a lot of cats sleep like that but never seen my dogs do that, mine like to have their legs straight out in front of them with them crossed, they both lay like that quite a bit. Oh and B's are famous for curling up and sticking their cold little nose underneath their hind leg. God forbid they have a cold nose!

  • @lisastewart:

    Gambit waits till I'm ready to leave the tub then jumps in to chase the whirlpools down the drain.

    I love it! How many Basenjis will willingly get their feet wet? 🙂

  • @Patty:

    Is this unique to basenjis? 🙂

    Kitty Kat pose! I have yet to see Kipawa do that. Very cute!

  • Oh, I was just reminded of this one this morning. The hair dryer! Whenever I blow-dry my hair, Becca runs into the bathroom to make sure that she gets her fair share of the warmth of the blow-drier. I'll dry my hair then put it on her for a bit and this cycles until I am done…..then she runs back to bed.

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