• I know this sounds disgusting and it is! My new dog Taz whom I recently adopted about a month ago from our local humane society has been licking quite extensively at his rear end. I noticed one day that he kept licking the chair when he would get up or lick his rear end. I tried to pay attention to his butt when he got up and noticed a discharge coming from it. It kind of smells fishy but not real strong. From what I am reading on the internet that this sometimes happens to dogs and unless it appears that it is inflammed or red I don't notice that it is inflammed or red but he secretes it often instead of just when he poops. His bowels are funny too. I notice in the morning his poop is solid however later he will poop and it is very runny but only after he has had his first poop in the am. in the evening after his dinner it seems to be solid again. Does anyone have any clue as to what is going on. He had a clean bill of health from the shelter as far as I know.

  • It sounds to me like he could have an impacted anal gland. Is the secretion thick and what colour is it? I've had a couple that had this problem off and on. In one case an infection developed and abscessed. You might want to check with your vet, if you don't know how to express the glands yourself. As far as the changes in stool are concerned, that could be due to a number of things. A lot of critters (and people!) will have loose stools due to emotion, e.g. if you go for a walk somewhere they find exciting. My first boy used to poop straight liquid by the end of a walk in the woods, and I had a horse that would do the same thing if he got revved up on a ride. :p

  • A Vet visit would be in order. Could be an impacted anal gland or just needs to be expressed.

  • Ok well I just chatted with my vet and she wants me to bring him in so I guess that is what I am going to have to do. She is going to try to teach me how to express his anal glands myself so that if I need to do it in the future I will be able to. Thanks for all your advice. I love this forum. It makes me feel better when I know that other people have the same issues and can give me advice on them. Again Thanks!

  • Kipawa gets a little of this 'fishy smell' as well every now and then, but it seems that he can self express his glands with a good poop. Good decision to check it out with the vet. I commend you for learning how to express the anal glands! Just make sure you wear gloves and a t-shirt that you don't mind getting dirty. 🙂

  • Ok call me stupid…..but does this need to be done often? I have never had to do this to a dog before. Tucker gets that smell every once in a while too and I just figured out what it was finally. Then he licks the spot where he was if he got some on that too, so I understand that now too.

  • @Kipawa:

    Just make sure you wear gloves and a t-shirt that you don't mind getting dirty. 🙂

    Yeah, and don't make the mistake of doing it in the living room! :rolleyes:

    I usually just use bare hands and tissues to catch it in…...but when you miscalculate.......not so good. Best place is in the bathtub, which is where most groomers do it. Then you can just rinse it away. Some dogs seem to have this problem a lot, others not so much. Diet plays a part. Harder stools help it to express naturally.

  • suki has only needed it done twice (she's a year and a half) and i notice because she starts scooting her butt on the floor. i take her to the groomer's and get her a bath and nail clip, and anal gland expression is just part of the deal.

  • Ayo gets like that every once Ina awhile too, it usually solves itself. Although he has had his glands "expressed?" a couple of times. As far as the poop. Ayo always does more than once every time, usually twice but sometimes three times. And always the first time is solid and gets softer, by the third time sometimes it's pretty soft l evenkind of liquid sometimes.. he has always been that way…

  • Good post, reminds me that this can really be a problem that the vet needs to assess. I was just talking to my friend that the last week or two Oakley has been expressing his glands up to 8 times a day… He has never had his expressed but I started thinking this is likely an impacted gland therefore off to the vets we go this week.

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