• Hello all -

    beautiful subject here - I have noticed Lycia's anal glands are very active. I feel like I have to express them almost weekly. Her stools are firm and have the correct texture for a healthy stool. She has been eating normally, with a varied diet (raw, fruit, veggies) which is based on changing flavors of Orijen kibble. It's no fun to see her scooting, as I'm sure full glands are uncomfortable. Am I doing the right thing by expressing them when I see her scoot? Do some Bs just have "a little more to go around ???" Cheers!!

  • Kipawa's anal glands also do get a little active every now and then, but he seems able to 'clear them out' when he does a bowel movement. I know it can be common to 'scoot around', but I haven't seen this yet in him.

  • Most b's are able to express these glands when they poop.
    I have not had a b with this issue, so I am no help, sorry.
    BUT I do know that adding pumpkin, *canned raw no sugar * will help
    the dogs with issues.

  • My mom adds sweet potato or pumpkin. 1 tbsp per day to her dogs' food and that helps with the anal glands. her Tallulah used to have to have her anal glands emptied almost weekly, but now we rarely have to empty them.

    I have one dog who had to have his anal glands removed because they kept getting infected, and my other dogs have not had problems with anal glands.


  • We put pumpkin in their food in the morning and it keeps the poop hard enough to clear the glands. Occasionally she does have to have them expressed, but not so often. Cottage cheese will also work, and rice of course.

  • So this will need to be a daily imput of pumpkin or sweet potato ?

  • The anal glands could be infected.


  • Yes, first see if infected. I buy sweet potatoes when they are on sale, bake them or cook in my crock pot whole. Then let them cool, slice them into about 1/3 of an inch slices, place on a lined cookie sheet, wax paper, foil or parchment paper, and then freeze, when hard place in zip lock baggie, put some out to thaw while fixing your supper then top their supper with one slice, ours love them, but Kell won't touch if they are still frozen, they others will knaw on them at any time. If I find the canned pumpkin on sale will use that, or in the fall will buy pumpkins, section them, bake till soft, then freeze as above and put those slices on their supper.

  • Yes, I would make a Vet visit and make sure there is no infectiong that is causing the glands to stay full…. I use canned pumpkin... about a table spoon in one of the meals.. but first I would make sure that there is nothing else going on, especially if this is a new development....

  • Do you express them yourself? I'm assuming if you do, it's externally. You should see a vet, excessive scooting might mean your dog's gland are impacted. Or they might need a more thorough, ahem, internally expression.

  • @Schouiffy:

    So this will need to be a daily imput of pumpkin or sweet potato ?

    I just use about one teaspoon of canned pumpkin every morning.

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