• Every few months my Basenji has a drop of pus that appears on the end of his penis after urinating. It seems to go away after a day or two. Should I be concerned, or is this normal? Any information and advice would be most appreciated. By the way - he is neutered and seems healthy in every other way. Thanks in advance!

  • Don't think it would be considered pus, it is however normal. I have seen it on my boy dogs from time to time

  • Kipawa also had this as a younger puppy, but seldomly has it now. I remember when I first saw it. Kipawa is my first basenji, and it concerned me. The kind folks on this forum told me not to worry. Of course, if you see it, make sure it always looks the same. Kipawa would eventually lick it off. Basenjis are such clean dogs (unless they find a nice smelling mud puddle)!

  • Look up Smegma on google for your answer.

  • @sinbaje:

    Look up Smegma on google for your answer.

    Wow. Thanks for the suggestion. Learn something new every day! At least now I won't worry as he doesn't have any of the troubling signs mentioned int he article I read. Many thanks.

  • My neutered male B also gets this on occasion. Anyone with a gelding or stallion is familiar with it. 🙂 I gave up on sheath cleaning when it occurred to me nobody did it for wild horses. Twenty years later, my geldings don't seem to have suffered any because of a "lack of hygiene".

  • Perfectly normal - please don't worry.

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