Lost Black and White adult male basenji Chatsworth CA

  • Escaped out of yard Saturday September 10, 2011 during thunderstorm. Wearing red nylon invisible fence collar. Answers to the name Raven. Canoga Ave. and Devonshire St. area in Chatsworth, CA. Please contact Sheryl at italicised text. He is chipped.

  • Oh no, I do hope he's found quickly! I will let Karen at Medfly Basenji Rescue in Acton know. I posted on FB with pic.

  • Thank you, Dan. I have all my friends posting to facebook. Keep reposting on Craigslist. He's listed on several sites on the internet. I've posted 400 flyers so far. Went around to all the shelters. Right now I'm sending letters to vets in the area in case someone brings him in. If you can think of anything else let me know! I haven't heard a peep so I don't know where to concentrate. He's pretty friendly so after he got hungry he probably approached someone. I'm going nuts. Haven't been away from him this long since he was a puppy.


  • Hi Cheryl,
    First, keep the faith. Many basenjis are fearful of humans, so even though you haven't heard news, there's a wonderful chance that he's alive.

    You mentioned that he's chipped. Have you contacted the company that his chip is registered with, so that they know to look out for him? Also, as a word of "warning", do not advertise that he's chipped. When I adopted Sophie, the vet asked if she was chipped and when I said that I didn't know, they scanned her and found a chip. After several heartwrenching moments, we discovered that the chip was sold to an on-line vet and no one knew where the chip was eventually placed, so there was no path to follow. IF someone wants to keep your boy, but doesn't realize that he's chipped and takes him to the vet, then you want to hope that the vet is a good steward and looks for a chip on the first intake visit.

    Lastly, keep in mind that many people don't recognize these dogs as basenjis…. it is an uncommon breed.
    Place ads that are generic in nature, i.e "lost black and white terrier".... this may bring more responses?

    My thoughts and prayers are with you!

  • Hugs and hoping he is found soon.

  • Thank you for the tips, Patty. I will remove a post or two off of Craigslist where I mentioned the chip. I did contact the company so they could flag him as lost. I sent out letters to all the vets in the area to keep an eye out for a "new" basenji. I will try to keep my ads pretty generic. I started out saying lost basenji and realized they might not even look at it not realizing it was a dog. Thank you again!


  • We got Raven home tonight!! Thank you for support!!!

  • First Basenji's

    Yay!! When you're done celebrating and catching up on cuddles, we'd love to hear how you recovered him.

  • Great news! Please consider not using an invisible fence with your B.

  • HURRAY! Glad you got your boy back safe!

  • @nobarkus:

    Great news! Please consider not using an invisible fence with your B.

    I agree if this is how this B Boy escaped. But then again, I don't believe in using invisible fences anyway.

  • @seaslugg@aol.com:

    We got Raven home tonight!! Thank you for support!!!

    I am so happy you got Raven home. You now can be a good ambassador to the "don't use invisible fencing" brigade. Call any animal shelter and find out how many dogs they get in with collars on. Once a dog bolts through the pain, they won't risk it coming back in. Many end up dead. There are lots of options if you can't have "real" fencing, but often the only choice is simply go out with your dog, on a lead or line. Apt folks survive doing it. Oh wait, and so do the dogs.

    Please post pics and yes, PLEASE tell us how you got your pet back!

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