• YEsterday i succumbed yet again to the sad story of a small dog that i saw lurking around my apartment parking lot.. filthy and very scared!! I knew the moment i saw her that i couldn't just look the other way.. sooooo i took her, checked her out, she was filthy, hair all matted,but otherwise appears healthy, no fleas or ticks..sooo i bathed her, although i really couldn't get her clean with all the matted hair. So tomorrow morning she gets vet check up and grooming.. and i guess i have to find her a home now. I will post pictures to see if someone claims her although honestly, the state she is in , i don't think she should go back where she came from!! Well see.Here are a couple of pictures. She looks like a Bichon to me…:)

  • She's very cute - or at least has the potential to be.
    Hair looks to straight to be a Bichon, but it's hard to say from the pics. Maltese have straight white hair, but hard to tell b/c of the mats and I can't tell how big she is.

    Keep your reciepts in case the owner shows up. I believe here in the states the owner would have to re-imburse you for your costs.

    good luck! And on behalf of dogs everywhere, thanks for doing a good deed!

  • @dmey:

    I will post pictures to see if someone claims her although honestly, the state she is in , i don't think she should go back where she came from!!

    The thing is, unless you know how she got in that state, it isn't really fair to judge the owner. We recently had a case in Canada where a stray from Montreal turned up…..nearly a year later.....near Kamloops, British Columbia. How this dog got all the way across the country is a mystery, but a dog can be dognapped, or just wander curiously into a moving van that is being loaded, and end up far from home while the owners are frantically searching in the wrong place!


  • Thank you for caring for this little dog. I do hope that if she is lost and not just abandoned her owner wlll turn up.

  • Thank you for saving this little one 🙂

  • Wonderful that you could open your heart and home to this little furbaby.

  • I think she will be really cute all cleaned up. Thank you for taking her in, hopefully a good home can be found, fast, before you fall for her!

  • What a cutie. Yeah, I would check with vets and see if owners have placed flyers etc.

  • I totally agree,…....

  • I totally agree, I shouldn't blame the owner, one never knows, but I get the feeling that she hasn't been lost long enough for her hair to be that matted and her nails that long! I've asked around my entire neighborhood, and at two vet places nearby, also the delivery guys from the colmado (bodega)' because they know everyone and their dogs. and nothing, right now she is getting groomed and nails and a check up, but she seems healthy, doctor says seems about 2 years old maybe.. one of my neighbors mentioned she might want to keep her.. Well seer. I fear i will fall for her, but….. I'm not going to just give her up until I'm sure she is going to a good home. Will also try to get her fixed before but, I am not doing that yet....
    Also now there is this hurricane coming my way, so I'm glad I found her!!! looks like we may miss a direct hit though but still!!!!! She was very lucky!!

  • @dmey:

    Also now there is this hurricane coming my way, so I'm glad I found her!!! looks like we may miss a direct hit though but still!!!!! She was very lucky!!

    If you keep her you might want to name her "Irene"! 🙂 Stay safe. That hurricane is strengthening. Fingers crossed you avoid the worst of it.

  • My thoughts are with you - I do hope the hurricane passes you by.

  • :Thanks everyone…... Luckily Irene took one good look at us, and decided not to mess with us... at least not completely. The local joke is that the government tried to charge her tax!!! She is currently passing further north so will affect the north coast but not directly. Im in Santo Domingo in the south so really just very light rain right now and no wind at all..
    Here she is after grooming!!! :o She is totally naked!! ... doing well, eating a lot today, yesterday she was still scared and wouldnt eat much.... I might name her Irene if I keep her, I cant bring myself to name her yet,.. but she looks like Rosita to me...:p

    Ill say one thing.. it feels really weird to walk a dog that actually heels!!!! Its hilarious , she is perfectly heeling right next to me and follows my every move and Ayo is pulling me all over the place, after anything that moves or catches his eye!!.. But,,.. its also a little annoying that she heels constantly, even at home, which Ayo never does, he just does his thing, she follows me everywhere, from the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the bedroom, everywhere!:)

  • aw, what a cute little naked dog! i'm so glad you've taken her in and cared for her.
    (and suki won't heel on a walk at all, but is always under foot in the house. and guests just love it when she follows them into the bathroom!)

  • Now that she's trimmed up, looks like there may be some Poodle in there!

    Hope her owners have lost her and not that she was 'dumped,' she sounds like a sweetheart.


  • Yeah,.. it makes more sense that shes got some poodle cause they are more common here, but most poodles have the tighter curly hair, and hers was long… soo, well see! She is really tiny also only about 9.5 inches tall....

  • I think you are right…..she looks more like a "Rosita" than an "Irene". It would seem she is anxious to keep tabs on you. Perhaps she knows she is a lucky girl! Glad the hurricane passed you by......it is a category two now, might be big trouble for somebody, depending on how it tracks.

  • Yep.. looks like the Bahamas… and Turcs and Caicos...

  • She cleans up nicely 🙂

    Could she be a Poodle with some Maltese thrown in?

  • haha She is adorable. You are amazing for helping this little girl out. She does look like a Rosita! Glad to hear that you are safe from the storm

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