Soooooo disappointed…

It does suck, but you are doing what is right by your dogs.
Sometimes, being a breeder can be craploads of hard work and be quite sucky.
People lie to get what they want.
Unfortunately, we may not know what people want and we are looking for the good in people when placing our dogs.

When my Mom was in her car accident she had recently gotten 2 dogs back… those came over to me to place, along with 3 more to place.
I already had 4 dogs of my own at the time.
I worked through it and put dogs in homes that were perfect for them, even though I did not get to show them any more. Life happens and you work around it.

I had two dogs [18 month old r/w girl and 2.5yo b/w male] returned in June… within a week of each other. These families have incredible life circumstances and I thanked them dearly for bringing me the dogs. I still am looking ot place the girl in a great home. I got lucky and the boy is one that I had originally wanted to show but didn't have the space... now he gets to move overseas. It works for me and the dog. Just not my original plans.

Remember, it could have been worse had you not been notified and they been turned over to a shelter. You got VERY LUCKY. So did your dogs! Best of luck finding them their forever homes.


Remember, it could have been worse had you not been notified and they been turned over to a shelter. You got VERY LUCKY. So did your dogs! Best of luck finding them their forever homes.

A breeder friend of mine made an emergency trip to Florida a few years ago when she found out someone was trying to give away…..or even of her dogs that she had thought was doing well. The person didn't have the decency to contact her, but someone who knew both parties did. The story ended happily. She retrieved the dog and subsequently placed him with someone who treasures him, but it was a near thing!


Sometimes the "ideal" home doesn't work out and the one you felt was a bit "iffy" ends up to be the perfect placement. You just never know….


Placing puppies with great homes can be very difficult. I placed almost all of the Wimauma Floria basenjis.
debbi j.

COUGH COUGH. ROFLMAO. Ahem. Oh heck I don't care, going to say it.

I nearly got axed from the list for complaining about how long they wanted to keep Cara. From "iffy" to perfect indeed, right Ms J?


COUGH COUGH. ROFLMAO. Ahem. Oh heck I don't care, going to say it.

I nearly got axed from the list for complaining about how long they wanted to keep Cara. From "iffy" to perfect indeed, right Ms J?

Debra, you are oh, so right. You almost got axed from the list of potential adopters. Plus it didn't help that I initially had you mixed up with someone else. Your persistence paid off in the end. One of the things I love about placing our rescues is that I sometimes end up with lifelong friends.

debbi J,


That's a terrible run of bad luck. Hopefully there will be a bright turnaround for you soon. As you say, it's bad enough for the people, but the confusion the dogs must be feeling breaks my heart. My last two Basenjis came to me at 2 and 3 years, respectively, and I must say, I think for the first 6 months or so they felt they were only "visiting". I think we sometimes underestimate how long it takes for a dog to feel truly at home with a new family.

I think that I have been lucky in that both the 2 that have come back, have actually settled into our routine really quickly, but what must be going on in their heads, Im not sure…

Ok Im ready to come back in here now…

I just need to fill you in, now... Gilah was supposed to come back to me yesterday, but after a few twists and turns, for the moment at least, she will be staying with the owners Mum, while the owner recovers from some pretty nasty issues she is dealing with... Am I happy with this arrangement ??? Yes, I think I am... I think issues will remain in this family unit, but for now I believe that Gilah staying with her owner is in the best interests of both of them...

I just want to thank everyone for their support... I wasnt in a very happy place, just very disappointed, angry, upset about the whole issue, and to be able to come in here and have a good vent about it, was just the tonic that I needed :o, so a HUGE thank you to everyone who responded...

Now I will start to answer some questions...

This post was supposed to be above the above one, if that makes sense ;)...


Hugs to you, the downside of breeding I'm afraid. You have been unlucky.

I would be reluctant to sell to show homes, they are pets first and foremost not to be discarded if they don't win. I hope our precious puppies have forever homes.

Thank you Moetmum, no more of my babies will grace the showrings, other than what I keep… Once bitten, twice shy, Ive learnt that lesson very hard...


Saba, sorry for the bad luck, but it happens… and as many of us have said to people that want to breed, you need to be able and aware that you could at some point wind up with all the pups... (if you are responsible)...

Obviously you are responsible.... for which I am sure your pups appreciate as they always have a home if needed.

Yep I brought these babies into the world, so I feel responsible for them for life…


I am so glad the owners returned your pups to you!!!!

I, myself, couldn't even consider breeding. I would want to keep them all!!!!
It takes a special kind of person to breed and be considerate to the breed.

Maybe you were destined to have a house full of bs!!!!:)

Yes Im VERY glad, beyond glad that they were returned to me, and not left at a pound somewhere… Thank DoG for that... My house is being over run by B's, but I love it !!!


I have to pitch in here - your situation upsets me. Other than the person that got sick, did the owners just expect that the show basenjis they got from you were programmed by you and wouldn't need any further training? A puppy that pees on a bed can be trained not to do that, but it takes time and patience. As for the biting dog, things can be done there as well. It just sounds to me like these people were smitten with the idea of showing a dog, and then realized that there is work to be done, whether you show a basenji or not.

Kipawa, I have been trying to work out what exactly went wrong ??? I thought I had vetted these people thoroughly, and, I believed, (with the help of the sires owner), that the 2 placed in show homes, were able to be competitive enough. What happened as to why they just didnt cut it, who knows. I believe now, (aint hindsight great !!!), the boy was just not winning enough for a VERY competitive owner, so return him, and at the last count, she now has the original B, who isnt doing an aweful lot of winning, and about 3 Shelties now… Im watching their show careers with interest, cos I think they will be returned, if they dont start to win soon... I dont for 1 minute believe the dog was biting the other B, I believe that was the excuse to get rid of him. Hes not been a problem here at all...

The peeing on the bed excuse absolutely maddened me, I couldnt believe it. Ummmmmmm, hello, ever heard of closing the bedroom door, and teaching the dog housetraining :mad:...

I also dont think a B was the right dog for either of these owners... Hindsight again... Very sad, and makes the comprehensive questionnaire I had them both fill out, as well as phone calls, totally useless cos they both just gave me the 'correct' answers ???????????


So Sorry to hear of your pups bad luck with thier first homes.

Some people when purchasing this breed really do not read or understand the dog personality they are taking in. It is best that your babies get re-odopted by someone/family that can really appreciate them.

For example- my Star(blk/wht female- who I rescued)had a horrific beggining as a puppy….she was first purchased by a family that had 3 small toddler children and the father came from the oldschool of beating the dog for missbehaving...well you can image what happened to her personality...she became very agressive and was constantly kenneled by this family and they were going to put her down- but my dog trainer/sitter rescued her from this family and her death
(and had even recommended to this family in the first place - that a basenji really is not a dog for their type of family-with such young/small kids)-
and she worked with reconditioning Star and rebuilt up her trust in people(kids & men) again...
and then she found me on Nov2002- when I was boarding my Basenji(Spike-red/wht male) and my Angus(a boarder collie/lab) for Thanksgiving that year-
I fell in love with her - or she actually fell in love with me- she practically jumped into my amrs when meeting her for the first time - which my dog trainer/sitter stated was highly unsual for the breed.

She is my snuggle girl, very loving & sweet(even though at time can be an Alpha-B at times).....
I just wished I had gotten her in the very beginning so that this other family had not given her such an awful start as a young puppy. But she has been a very good girl for me and I give her a good life now...she is now treated as the pampered little princes she think she is ; ) she's my little snuggle girl at night in bed with me...and I would be lost without her.

She still does not like men or small children that much and her hackles still raise in anticipation- but she is very good and does not get aggressive- but I do keep a very short leash on her and ask people not to pet her- because I just don't know how she'd react to strangers and I do not want an incident of her bitting. She has been the best dog I could have in a Basenji breed...along with my Spike(who passed on at age 12 in 2010...still very much missed).

These dogs are very unique and special and need very unique/special owners...they are not the regular run of the mill type dog...and need good homes with proper understanding of the breeds temperment/personality and be able to give the right kind of care & training - positive re-inforcement/bribes; ) work best in getting a loved basenji to do better in training ; ) at least it's worked with my Star & Spike.

I cant imagine owning any other type of breed. Hope your babies have good homes & the love they deserve- BIG HUGS to your puppies & you!

Thank you mdczech, your story highlights the right home for this breed… It sounds like Star has found the right B home, now :).. Sorry about Spike, so very sad when they leave us, isnt it ???


Well, getting back 3 is a lot… not the norm. But with experience you learn to weed out the bad owners.

Show homes are not worse than other homes-- a GOOD show home wants a pet AND show dog, not a show dog. A REAL show home is experienced and the behavior issues would probably not have come up.

I am sorry for what you have gone through-- but let me make a suggestion if you do decide to breed again. Make calls regularly. Constant contact, at least monthly the first year, helps to be on top of things so you can help new owners as things go along instead of get a dog back once the issues are at the "get the dog out of here stage." It gives you early warning of a bad placement so you can suggest rehoming instead of losing a lot of time while they put off doing what your gut tells you is coming.

And give yourself a HUGE pat on back for getting them back. However bad it is to get them back, having one go missing or finding out they dumped the dog and no way to trace is would be much worse.

DDS, a good show home can be wonderful, I agree, Im just not prepared for my babies to go to one, ever again. Once bitten twice shy ;)… Both the people that took these dogs were experienced show people, and I did grill them, and I did keep in regular contact with them, emails mostly but phonecalls as well. I still got it so wrong :mad:


I can understand being personally wounded to have your beautiful puppies deemed "unwanted" by someone you trusted to love them for their whole life! It does sound like a lot of dogs to take back all at once, and I'm sorry for your string of bad luck. Regardless, I thank the world that there are responsible and sympathetic breeders like you who will not turn your puppies away. I hope other experienced breeders here can share their insights on how to ensure successful homes, because I'm sure there are a lot of subtle things that tried-and-true methods that I never would have thought about.

Thank you curlytails, and your post was one of the ones which made me cry :o… I think you hit the nail on the head, with the description about being wounded, that does describe it perfectly...


Honestly, in the end it is really a crap shoot…. because sometimes people are really good at telling you what you want to hear... sometimes you go with what you think is the right home, but it turns out it is not.... I don't think there are really tried-and-tru methods unless with a prior Basenji owner (my favorite kind of home)... new owners that have not had Basenjis or maybe no dogs at all, you just never know. I don't look for show homes, if I get someone interested in showing that is super.. but it is not a requirement for me. The home is the most important.

Exactly Tanza… I thought I got it right, I really did, and the sad point is, I have NO idea how I can do it any better 😕... Yep an experienced B home I now think is imperative...


As Pat says some people are good at pulling the wool over your eyes if they want to. It's very upsetting to have the dogs back but remember it could have been worse!

I don't think there is ever a fool proof way to ensure good homes but it is important I think to keep in touch with the new owners - sometimes things get too bad before you're aware.

I feel for you in having these experiences and for your beloved Basenjis.

Patty Im just gutted, and yep the wool was pulled over my eyes, well and truely. The sad thing is, its just not the breed to 'play around' with… Thankfully I wont have to worry about this anymore :(...


I have a close friend and neighbour who is in another breed, and she says the same. Sometimes the "ideal" home doesn't work out and the one you felt was a bit "iffy" ends up to be the perfect placement. You just never know….

Completely agree…


Exactly, all we can do is do the best we can and hope for the best. I had one puppy returned after 6 years because he didn't get along with the mix they purchased (which was more like they didn't understand the noise and rough play) and now had a toddler along with expecting twins and didn't want to spend the time watching the toddler, teach the toddler how to respect the dog or get a behavorist to help with the adjustment. Easier to call the breeder and give back the dog…. But the kicker is after they did that, they had the nerve to call and ask were the dog was placed and could they go and visit cause they missed him and the their mix bitch did too. You all can guess what my answer was..... a big fat NO!

shakes head, unbelievable, it really is… 6 years old :mad:


Can't say much because my experience is nill, but I wanted to offer my support and hugs. I can imagine how incredibly emotional painful it is to have your pups returned to you. We are here for you!

Thank you Schouiffy, I appreciate that very much :)…



Then last night I get an email saying that one of the girls in a pet home needs to come back to me ASAP, as the owner is seriously ill. No problems at all with her coming back, I completely understand this, Im just gutted for the owner as I know how much Gilah meant to her… Just now I have received an email from her owner, she is so upset, I read her email and its full of grief, and I just feel so sorry for her, she was a very much loved member of her family... Life can be very cruel sometimes...


is there any hope of Gilah's owner recovering? How awful to be going through a severe illness AND have to give up your pup.

As to the other owners, sigh. I wish I knew what to say. Is there a chance the peeing pup is coming into season? And goodness, how hard is it to close the bedroom door?

Well actually as it turns out, the owner, at this stage, at least, will be keeping Gilah :)… Read the 2nd post I have done, on page 3, I think...

I doubt it, she wasnt housetrained when we got her, not sick at all, and I had tested her pee a few times... Clear...


Speaking from a rescue standpoint, BRAT treasures the responsible breeders who take back dogs of their breeding.

Placing puppies with great homes can be very difficult. I placed almost all of the Wimauma Floria basenjis. There were 34 very young ones in the first group. I received over 200 applications for them. Thank goodness I was lucky enough to select good matches for them. It's been over a year since those placements were made. We try to keep in touch with each our adopters. Only one of these pups came back into rescue, and it was within the last month. I am thankful for the wonderful, loving homes these basenjis are in.

debbi j.

debbi j. I completely worship you for what you did for the Wimauma B's, I really do, and compared to what you deal with everyday, I feel like I shouldnt be complaining at all :o… What a fantastic result only having 1 returned, and I truely hope the number doesnt rise, beyond 1. Clearly a credit to you and the others who assessed the future owners... Wish I had your skill !!!

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