• Hello everyone!

    Considering how the wonderfully quirky Basenji is so rare in Taiwan, I was considering becoming a breeder here. Roux is just 4 months, so this is thinking a few years into the future, but I like to be prepared.

    I've been around all kinds of dogs my whole life, and when I was still living in Boston, a good friend of mine bred Frenchies, but I have never personally bred dogs before. In my stupid early twenties, I've had a cat accidentally get pregnant and have kittens, which forced a crash course in fur-parenting, and since then I've raised many neonatal rescue kittens. I also worked in the pet retail industry, both corporate (hated that) and small business (super caring and knowledgeable) for a solid decade. With this background, I know this is not something to undertake lightly. In my opinion, a breeder first and foremost loves their breed and strives to improve it through healthy and moral practices.

    The registry and paperwork here in Taiwan is all in Chinese, which I am not completely fluent in, though I can wade my way through it without too much trouble. The breeder from whom I got Roux is "very local" and moderately difficult to communicate with, and though no red flags were raised, I would say there are cultural differences that would dissuade me from mentoring with him.

    Also, Roux's test kit is on the way and considering her pedigree I'm hoping she'll have a clean report.

    Would anyone have any suggestions on how to get started? I'd love any advice y'all experienced folk might have! Thank you!

    Picture of Roux for tax:

  • I can't give you advice on breeding, I will leave that to the pros on here, but that's another great picture!

  • First thing is to wait a couple of years at least ! She needs to be hormonally and structurally mature. I would not think of breeding her until she is rising 3, although some bitches are mature enough at 2.5.

    And only breed if you have orders. Confirmed orders. For puppies. And know they are going to very loving and understanding homes. In view of the scarcity of Basenjis in Taiwan, experienced owners are going to be hard to find. You might find yourself having to take them back if new owners can't cope.

    For the moment though, just be patient -

  • Love the photo! She is so sweet!♥🐾

  • @roux - @Zande is quite right, Basenjis are really not mature enough physically or mentally till about age 3. Testing is important, besides the DNA tests for Fanconi and PRA, you should have Thyroid tested along with Hips (with OFA for hips that can't be done before age 2) And I believe in Taiwan they use Penn Hip? But you will need to check that out. And all of those tests need also to be done by the sire of an expected litter. And thoughts about where you would find a sire? Since there are not many Basenjis in your country are you looking to import? All questions that you can think about now... for the future. If there are breeders of other breeds, you might also want to talk to them... having a litter of puppies regardless of the breed is all the same with responsible breeders.

  • @Kembe @eeeefarm thank you! She's completely and utterly won my heart hahaha

    @zande @tanza
    Oh I know they're not ready until 3 or older 🙂 I'm just one of those crazy planners who has everything mapped out for the next ten years or so! I'm impatient to plan, but patient to wait until the timing is right.

    The DNA kit is on it's way so I have early warning for Fanconi or PRA. Thyroid and hips will be later as she matures, but they'll be done as well. And yes, PennHIP scoring is what they do here. The sire will most likely be one of the unrelated males owned by Roux's breeder, and they're fully screened as Roux's parents were. In the much more distant retirement future, I may import my own. Already reading about that complicated mess!

    This was already tickling the back of my mind when I decided on a girl, though the primary reason was really because I like the more feminine personality of the ladies LOL 👗 💄 👱♀ The possibility of breeding was also talked about during at least a couple of the visits with the breeder.

    Great tip about mentoring under a someone who works with another breed! It didn't occur to me that similar dogs would be about the same when it comes to the puppy process!

    Thank everyone again for the time and information! Please do let me know if there's anything else you think I should know!

  • @roux - Are there dog shows in your area? If so, you might want to attend, good place to meet other breeders of various breeds. And if there are dog shows, you might want to consider showing your girl when she is older. As far as sex goes, we have a saying about Basenjis... The girls have an agenda and the boys don't have a clue... LOL!

  • @tanza
    I'm definitely attending the next show as a recon trip. Not sure how the work here but if they're similarly easy to enter as the ones in the US, I do want to show Roux!
    LOL that's a hilarious saying; I absolutely appreciate a smart lady over cluelessness haha 😛

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