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Im Mazzy from Seattle and I recently got a basset hound puppy through Next Day Pets from Harmony Hounds in Brunswick ,Georgia

This is my review of my overall experience.

First of all I would like to say that I always feel a little worried when making bigger online purchases. Like when it comes to puppies and a few thousand dollars.( which is actually priceless for a lifetime loving friend).

I'm so glad that I had a 100%positive experience.

My journey to my new pup began with the recent passing of one of my basset hounds,Mandy.

Like any pet owner, I was completely lost and unable to keep from not being so sad. Thus I knew I needed help. hound help!

My surviving basset I had got from next day pets years ago so I thought I'd just check it out again.

I could not find any to adopt within reasonable distance so I began looking at basset hound puppy pictures

It's wasn't long before my eyes settled on a little sweetheart named Plymouth.

I did the application on the website ( next day pets) which I later learned was completely unnecessary and was the websites way of squeezing out extra money and you could just contact the breeder by yourself from the information on the website)

I found harmony hounds to have all the right things to look for when looking for a pup.

Some of those critical things I looked for was-

1.that they had a phone number that matched their area( they are in Georgia and have a Georgia phone.

2.that they welcome anyone to their farm/house to see the puppy's in their environments (in other words , saying they have nothing to hide.

3.on the website they are Facebook verified,phone number and email verified.( Facebook being a big one)

They answered any and all questions I had and were also just as concerned that they're pup was going to a good home( a puppy mill wouldn't really care at all and probably wouldn't ask you any questions back.
They responded very well with picking up the phone when I called and also calling me back promptly when i couldn't reach them and left a message.
Call to the vet from the papers provided were also confirmed.
I am by no means a puppy buying expert. Lol . This is only the second puppy I've "bought" in my life. But I definitely didn't want to get scammed in any way and there are definitely scammers that in their own way, try to scam the breeders as well.
So it's a relief when all said and done and that I truly believe through my research and intuition that harmony hounds are spot on! And while I am no puppy buying expert, i do know my dogs breed pretty well and this pup is a very healthy, young vibrant puppy chomper! Lol

So my final conclusion is Harmony Hounds comes highly recommended and two thumbs up 🙂

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