Soooooo disappointed…


oooh Saba, what frustrating chain of events..I am very happy, like yourself, that they all got returned to you an ddidn't get dumped. Sending my hugs and thoughst, I know you will find them all good homes, and I hope this doesn't discourage you too much.

Thank you very much Basenjimamma, they have a home here till the next perfect home comes along :)… Just hope I do it properly this time !!!


Again I agree with all the support you have seen here… regardless if you ever breed another litter... know that you are totally respected that you care for the ones you did breed... and honestly... in the 4 litters that I bred, I got 4 pups back in total... but you know what... the ones that I placed are in homes I would die for... so to have those 4 come back are way over shadowed by that wonderful homes the rest have been placed in.... so don't as we say "throw out the baby with the bath water"... next time you know a bit more when talking to possible homes... not to say they will be perfect... but in the end, it evens out. And if you decide not to breed, then that is OK too.

Thank you Tanza, another post that sent me into a flood of tears :p… I seriously doubt I will ever breed again, though...


My hat is off to you for taking back 3 pups all at once. I really feel for the owner who is ill, that is heartbreaking for human and dog. Hopefully they will be happy with you for awhile and you will find wonderful homes for them all.

Thank you MacPack, another teary one :o…


It does suck, but you are doing what is right by your dogs.
Sometimes, being a breeder can be craploads of hard work and be quite sucky.
People lie to get what they want.
Unfortunately, we may not know what people want and we are looking for the good in people when placing our dogs.

When my Mom was in her car accident she had recently gotten 2 dogs back… those came over to me to place, along with 3 more to place.
I already had 4 dogs of my own at the time.
I worked through it and put dogs in homes that were perfect for them, even though I did not get to show them any more. Life happens and you work around it.

I had two dogs [18 month old r/w girl and 2.5yo b/w male] returned in June… within a week of each other. These families have incredible life circumstances and I thanked them dearly for bringing me the dogs. I still am looking ot place the girl in a great home. I got lucky and the boy is one that I had originally wanted to show but didn't have the space... now he gets to move overseas. It works for me and the dog. Just not my original plans.

Remember, it could have been worse had you not been notified and they been turned over to a shelter. You got VERY LUCKY. So did your dogs! Best of luck finding them their forever homes.

Again compared to you, Khanis, I really shouldnt be saying anything at all… Im very sorry about your Mum, a very hard time for everyone in your family, and I hope she is doing ok, (not sure how long ago this happened ???)...

I will be forever grateful to all 3 that they did get in contact with me. It does state so, in my contract they signed, but we all know, its hardly worth the paper its written on. As much as it hurt, I did thank them profusely that they let me know, then I have not spoken to either again :D... Thats not to the genuine 3rd pup's owner, just the first two...


A breeder friend of mine made an emergency trip to Florida a few years ago when she found out someone was trying to give away…..or even of her dogs that she had thought was doing well. The person didn't have the decency to contact her, but someone who knew both parties did. The story ended happily. She retrieved the dog and subsequently placed him with someone who treasures him, but it was a near thing!

Again why didnt she contact the breeder first, providing its in the contract ??? I guess there are reasons that they dont contact the breeder, but I still dont get it 😕 Glad that this one had a happy ending…

Ok now I have to apologise for dragging this thread out the way I did, I just dont know how to do it properly :o ;)… I wanted to acknowledge everyone who did send good wishes, it was very much appreciated by me, so thanks to you all 😃 😃 😃

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