• OK so my new little man and Cairo's buddy isn't a puppy, though he sometimes acts like it, is coming home this Sat. He's been going by Red Dog for the last 10 years, so if it does change I want it to be similar. I don't dislike his name, I just think one might be more suited to his personality ;). I was thinking about Rudo, which means love, and is also an African name. What do you think?

  • It doesn't matter what you change it to, doesn't have to be similar at all so go with what you like. Stand in the back yard and yell it a few times. LOL When Connor was born I was considering naming him "Worf" (startrek fans will know). My daughter yelled WORF WORF WORF, the neighbors will think you are barking and have you committed. Also, since his mother's call name was Dax, and Dax and Warf married, I didn't want to jinx things.

    Just call "Red Dog Newname" together for a while, then leave out the Red Dog part.

  • Houston

    oh, you are getting Red Dog, I've heard he is a sweetie..so excited for you…

    Yes, calling out the name and handing him treats repeating the name he will get it in no time....my dogs go by so many names..nicknames that is..;)

  • I feel honored to be chosen for Red, from what I've seen and heard about him he does sounds like a sweetheart and a great fit for the family, for the girls, Cairo, and me.

    Thanks for the advice/info :).

  • Whatever you decide to call him, once he's heard it a few times and recognizes that you are wanting to get his attention, he'll know that's his name…....we have no many names for our girls I wonder if they even know what the correct ones are!

  • First Basenji's

    Rudo sounds like a great name… especially considering that it seems fitting for him.

    I agree, changing his name shouldn't be that difficult, even if it's very different from the name he is used to. Cody answers to lots of things..... Bubs, Butthead (affectionately 🙂 ), Wrinkleface, and a few other things. I doubt that he'll have a problem.

  • Many rescue dogs have names changed. YOU call him what you wish and give him a treat when he comes to you. He will learn it quick enough.

  • New life, new name. Rudo is nice , how about Re-do? For a "re-do" of his life. Basenjis don't listen anyway, doesn't matter what you call them, haha. Congratulations, you will find very fitting nick-names for him that he will respond to, so don't sweat it!

  • After this post we adopted a basenji stray (through BRAT) so there was no name to change! We named him Chipley for the town where he was found, and it took him a few weeks to
    recognize that 'Chip' was him. At first he only knew his name in the kitchen, haha, but now he knows it everywhere.

  • Congrats on the new family member. WELCOME CHIP. (though why you'd name a basenji "Chip" when you KNOW he will now CHIP everything he gets his teeth on and you jinxed it, well–- just saying, don't complain!).

  • Funny! Actually he has the most gentle mouth I have ever seen. He has so many freckles on his chest, belly and legs that after he has been swimming he looks very speckled, I call
    him 'Chocolate Chips'.
    Tonight after a beach romp with some other dogs, he actually jumped into the bathtub for his little warm bath. And yes, he IS a basenji.

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