• Hey all: I recently took on the project of writing an article for The Wrinkler on health testing & CHIC numbers. I posted the following on facebook, and would like input from everybody here as well. I would love input from EVERYBODY, from the novice to the breeder who has been in the breed for 30 years. The pet owner who does nothing more than spoil and love their pet every day, to the breeder/shower/courser/etc. I appreciate all of your help….

    Dear basenji/sighthound owner/breeder/competitor/r​escuer/friend,
    I am researching health testing both for my own knowledge and also for an article I will be writing for The Wrinkler, specifically on CHIC numbers. If you would be so kind as t...o take some time out of your busy day to help educate somebody still pretty new to sighthound and basenjis, I would really really appreciate it. I do have a slightly more than rudimentary knowledge and understanding of health testing, however, please feel free to assume I know nothing when you are writing to me. Although I am writing this mostly for basenji people, I am also interested in gaining perspective from other sighthound owners, people involved in rescue, people involved in any form of activity (agility, coursing, comformation, racing, therapy work etc).
    I am particularly interested in hearing the following:

    1. Which health tests do you feel are most important for basenjis, both for general breed welfare and for individual owners as their dogs age?
    2. How have specific tests helped the gene pool and the breed in the past?
    3. What, if any, new issues do you see appearing in the breed that you think responsible breeders should be testing for?
    4. What is a CHIC number? How important is this tool to you? How many of your breedable dogs have CHIC numbers?
    5. Why is health testing important to you?
    6. Rank the following in importance when considering a particular basenji for breeding: a) health b) temperament c) conformation d) athletic prowess/ability (ie: agility, coursing, rally, racing, etc)
    7. If you do any kind of activity with your dog outside of your home (agility, coursing, rally, racing, conformation, therapy work, dock diving, anything at all), please state why health testing is important in any of these contexts.
    8. If you rescue or foster, please feel free to give your perspective on the importance on health testing.
      I know I have not covered everything of importance, so please feel free to add nything else at all that you feel is pertinent. I know there are a lot of strong opinions on health testing out there; feel free to say as much or as little as you like. Your answers will NOT be taken out of context, passed along as gossip, or anything else negative. This is strictly for learning purposes. If I want to use a direct quote, I will ask your permission to attach your name to it before I do so. Otherwise, comments that I use will be anonymous so that things can not be taken out of context or used in the rumor mill.
      I have tagged every person I could think of on my facebook friends list who might have a valuable opinion to share. Not only am I certain I missed at least one or two people, but I am also sure that I am not friends with everybody who could provide valuable insight or information. Please feel free to tag others or pass along this information to anybody you think would be willing and able to help me out.
      Thank you in advance for your time and help; I appreciate any and all input.
      Please send all responses to my e-mail at Carriesquires at gmail dot com

  • Just bumping this back to the top. I have a hard time believing not one person on this forum has any input at all on health testing….
    I'd really appreciate any and all help. This is for an article to help others understand the importance of health testing in the breed.

  • I was out of town when this was posted so never saw it.

    I think health testing is important to breeders and pet owners alike. The tests in the CHIC program make a good start for both breeders and pet owners. Fanconi and Hip tests are done once in the dog's lifetime with Thyroid and Eyes checked periodically. The thyroid and eye checks can give insight into behavior changes and IMO are important to check up on. I think most people can see the benefit in Fanconi and though our breed isn't known for dysplasia, it is in the breed and often by the time an owner notices symptoms the dog may be in a significant amount of pain, since basenjis tend to be stoic.

  • I emailed you my responses 🙂

  • Really, posted and decided to send private because, well because.

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