Kobey and Health Testing

Great thing, they?ll do that on shows!! I think many people respond and take the test!


Wow, at a show, great they can do that there! Here in the Netherlands there are only a couple of clinics who are allowed to take official X-rays.

There are a lot of clincs were we live, that make official X-rays.
I only think, most of the clinics doesn't have a website, so they're hard to find.
We're lucky our own vet makes offical hip photo's, theoid and everyting except the eyes. (for that we go to your school! 😃 )

Sophie has her appointment with the mobile vet in about 2 hours. It is nice to be able to do it at shows, it is also nice that it is electronic submission for the x-rays which cuts the turn around time in half or more.

Wow I sure wish we had that type of clinic here! I'm envious.

Sophie had a good appointment today. Her hips and elbows look good and we should hear back from OFA in aobut 3 weeks. We did have one hitch, they couldn't find her microchip so we had to get her microchipped again. I'll make sure to take her in to the vet in couple of weeks and get her scanned to make sure this one stays readable.

That is really cool! I wish we had something that convenient here. Every time I go to do thyroids I have to convince my vets I know what I want…

Good luck to both of you, I hope everything comes back perfect!!

The turn around on the electronically submitted x-rays is amazing. It has only been 2 weeks and I have my results.

Sophie, Kinetic-Tanza Soul Music, has OFA Excellent Hips and Normal Elbows. Yay!

Wonderful news!

Same with Kobey (that I posted on a new thread)… it is a great turn around, his are normal for elbows and Good for hips

And Yea for that Sophie girl

Good news Pat and Lisa, congrats!

More health testing results for Kobey, got his Thyroid back, also Normal….. now to get an update eye exam sometime this summer... he did have one at 9wks and all was normal.. but we didn't get it up on OFA....

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