• just curious… does anybody actually buy health insurance for your dogs? which plan? is it worth it? i imagine there are tons of exclusions, so i just wonder if it would actually be very beneficial.

  • We did have insurance through VPI pet insurance. For a 4 years we used to pay around 250.00 per year. It covered little of regular visits . The insurance will beneficial if there is a expensive surgical procedure involved. ( they have guidelines about what is covered ).This yr they wanted to increase our premium and decrrase our benefits. We did not think it made sense anymore for us to keep it so we concelled it.

    Please be careful about all the fine print and ask them tp give you the catalog that shows you what is covered in the plan that u interested in . This way you can calculate if it is wroth taking the policy. Good Luck

  • We have vpi for our two B's and have been very pleased with the plans. M

  • I plan on putting some money into a savings account monthly, about $75. All the fine print scares me, and I don't want the hassles if something I thought was covered is not.

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