• Oakley turned 8 months old on the 30th! He is getting bigger but to me he is still a peanut to me topping off at 22.6lbs and approx. 15'' tall. Most of the outdoor pictures Oakley was distracted by the three bunnies that were tucked away in the corner of the yard behind a wooden fence but he knew they were there and it took a lot of enticing to get him to leave the backyard. The puggle one of the pictures is his best buddy and that particular day poor Rocky was getting antogonized by Oakley that he was the poor bop getting a bath! The third to last picture was taken after I finished a massive cleanup because when I arrived home from work Oakley managed to escape his crate and get into the pantry in which rice and black tea were strewn about my area rugs. I swear in that picture he is lookinng at me saying "mom, i dont remember doing that but if I did Im sorry, except that Im not and I would do it again!" Lesson learned because know Oak has two masterlocks on his crate but even now he manages to remove the crate pan and "walk" his very large crate around the house! I am clearly outsmarted everyday! There is also a picture of him eating my pillow. Yup, that right- my throw pillows! I vow not to get anymore pillows until this behavior subsides, which likely means I will never have new pillows, lmao. He is devious and full of mischief but he is the best boy, very loving and affectionate, not a day goes by that I don't get a baroo when I get home to tell me how happy he is to have his mommy! It is one of the best feelings in the world.

    I really cant believe he is almost a year old as it feels like yesterday he came home. We will be waiting another year before adding a female to our home as Oakley is clearly giving me a run for my money and he is finally at an age where the huge trials and tribulations of puppyhood arent so apparent. Its also a joy to finally run with him now that his bones seem to be settling. He and I are really enjoying our time together and for now its the perfect fit! Hope you enjoy the pics

  • he looks very happy, nice photos

  • He looks great…. and sounds like a typical Basenjis boy!

  • Gorgeous black boy! Jealous…..

  • Houston

    Very nice…happy 8 month old birthday Oakley.

  • Hi Chelsea,

    He looks so grown up! Ariel and I will be going to a lure coursing fun practice (all breeds welcome) on Sunday in Mansfield, MA. if you want info, just send me a a PM (private message).


  • What a beautiful boy 🙂

  • Lovely photos! I agree - it's like you blink and all of a sudden they are almost a year old.

  • Beautiful boy! Lucky you two found each other.. Can't believe he is that old already, I remember when you brought him home. 😃

  • Lovely pictures. He'll soon be ready for a companion and you'll soon forget just how much 'trouble' a puppy can be and just remember the good things.

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