• I met a older woman today at the Meadows park in Edinburgh. She was telling me that her family bred Basenjis back in the 1950s - apparently one of the first or the first to have tris ? She said she knew Veronica Tudor-Williams and had met Sally W. at crufts. However she hadn't heard of Vicki, Scott or anyone else I know up here. Does this lady, Sarah, ring a bell to anyone ? I think Lycia and I are going over to her house for tea and to look at very old Basenji photographs, apparently she has some very old Basenji lore books as well.

  • How lovely, I hope you go for tea, sounds like a delightful afternoon.

  • The name doesn't ring any bells but i'm curious as to who she is!

  • There was an old lady I met at Perth and Dundee shows a few years ago. I never caught her name but I'm sure she lived in Dundee. I remember her saying that she used to track her dogs in Camperdown Park, Dundee in the 1950s. She gave me a lovely old Basenji brooch which I wear with pride. I don't think this lady would remember my name anyway, so I suppose it could be her. I do remember she had a strange surname and now has Australian Silky Terriers?????

    The only other older person I can think of is Lily Adams from Falkirk. Maybe it could be a relative or hers??

    I will be very interested to find out who she is and which dogs she had.

  • Well, she supposedly is going to give me a phone in a week or two..So we shall see! It almost sounded like her parents where the main breeders which could put these Bs back to pre 1950s, and therefore making sense on she would know Ms. Williams. I'm quite excited as well! I'll let you know what I find out. 😃 I'm going to be especially excited about looking the photos and books.

  • Take a good camera, maybe you can take (macro close up) photos of her photos, and of her with them!

  • I can't think who it could be - Vicki did speak about the lady she met and i wonder if it's the same one. I don't think Lily Adams bred Basenjis herself and her mother certainly didn't. Did you not ask the lady her name?

    Rereading your post I see you say her family bred Basenjis in the 50s could she be related to the Andersons i wonder their affix was Andersley. Of course we're assuming that they were Scottish. I am very intrigued especially as you say they were one of the first to breed Tris. There were quite a lot around in the 50s.

    I hope you'll let us know more.

  • She didn't sound Scottish to me… I was almost sure she was English. Unfortunately I didn't ask her surname, just her first name of Sarah. In hindsight, that would have helped!

    Anyway I'm just waiting on her call, if she gets in touch with me than I will give you all the skinny. I really want a look at the pictures! 😃

  • you got me searching through some old crufts catalogues for the 1950s, and the Andersons were just about the only scottish based exhibitors - could she perhaps just have had dogs from them? The seemed to have moved about quite a bit in the 50s thru north England/Scotland, and back in those days the bred prolifically so there would be lots of basenjis out there.. Will be really interesing to find out who she is and who the dogs were - keep us informed!

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