• I have recently been teaching my Apollo "leave it!" with his treats and food and anything he may pick up in his mouth ^.^ he is now sitting with the treat on his nose and sits there without letting it fall off until i tell him "get it boy!"
    now that I've discovered he can learn things like this I'm trying to teach him to give paw but he doesnt seem to be taking to it very well… im wondering if theres a good way to teach basenjis this particular one. Or any other interesting tricks, for that matter.

  • Kipawa knows 'shake a paw, 'other paw', 'high five' and 'high ten'. Not a treat on the nose yet. Good for you!

  • Tricks 🙂 My Jesica knows some tricks:

    turn around

  • Wow! Doggone excellent! 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    Dear Apollo127,

    I have had so much fun and good results from clicker training. The key is to know your dog's antics, mark the behavior, reward, and keep going from there. Start off with a trick that most closely resembles a movement he is comfortable with like you did with 'leave it'. Most B do use one or the other paw for something or another. Wait and watch, try to re-enact it, reward the behavior and Voila! Here is a cool link:
    http://www.clickerlessons.com/index.htm. Good Training!! (I'll have to try this one on the nose! Good Job!) and ps to Salis-Great Job Too! nice photos!

  • Salis.. EXCELLENT photos!!

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