4 out of 5's not bad

Took the girls up to the Valpo Indiana cluster of shows last week. 5 days of showing at a beautiful outdoor site. As we camped on site in our RV, the girls had plenty of time to mingle and see the sites human and canine. Many new laps were occupied and noses kissed. Tempest and Gambit each took WB two days, and went BOB one day each.

Congrats! They're pretty girls!:)

Congratulations on your great wins.

Pretty baby girls! sounds like they're competing with each other?

They look all grown up, and very lovely. I miss that puppy-look, I'm glad you shared so many great puppy shots with everyone!

Both girls are very, very lovely. 🙂


Huge congrats…I love them little girls.. Pippin does too 😉 :p

We have the 4 day OKC show this week
. I only entered Gambit as whippets and basenjis had different judges and I was a fraud of conflicts, and of course one day they are showing at exactly the same time. Gambit does great with my husband so they can get sone ring time.

Congrats!!!!! Beautiful girls!

Congrats!!!! Both are beautifull!

Good luck with the upcoming show!

Congrats, both are beautiful!

Good luck with the upcoming show!

Congrats they are very pretty, I know tri is popular but I would love to steal that little red girl from you.
Wishing you continued success with these two!
Therese and Kev

Wow - they are gorgeous girls - you must be so proud!

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