Spot Stealer!

So I put my pillow and blanket on the couch to take a nap, but I go to the bathroom before I lay down. I return to find this:


Awwww, how can you not want to cuddle this cute boy!!!!!:)

Mine always does this to me too but she takes the whole pillow. 😃

Well, Dexter KNOWS you actually did it for him!

ooooowww you are a great basenji mommy 😃

This is what you can expect from him FOREVER!

suki steals my spot every time i move - without fail!
ur guy is such a little cutie - i bet u can't even be mad!

Yes, he does the pillow thing too! We nap on the couch together and each time, slowly but surely, he starts hogging more and more of the pillow! hahaha.
It is definitely hard to get mad at such a cute face
And thanks 🙂

….EVEN THOUGH while I was typing that last response, he was eating my sister-in-law's baby's noonie!! I'll have to buy her a new one... lol

Pretty smart boy, if you ask me!

If available…. it will be taken.... Basenjis Rule

How nice of you to get him a pillow and a blanket. I am sure he is happy you are so thoughtful 😉

We have 4 chairs in our living room. We sit in the recliners when we're watching TV, leaving two other…very comfortable...chairs free for Blaze. Where does he want to lay? In one of the recliners, of course!

Awwww - just keeping the bed warm for you, Mommy.

Because of arthritis in my hips and ankles I use a wheelchair most of the time. When in the kitchen preparing a meal for my wife and myself I am often up and down working at the island or the stove. Every time i stand, Bitty takes posession of the wheelchair and I have to argue with her to get it back. There are times when it takes a while to convince her that I do have a right to take it back.


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