• I was looking through my pics today and thought it was funny how when we are staying at a hotel the dogs all still seem to find the sunny spot to lay in.

    Here they are in a sunny spot at the Palm Desert Residence Inn

    Here they have found the sunny spot at the Oxnard Residence Inn


  • 🙂 Ah-haha! Yes, mine will find the smallest sliver on our carpet & bask in it.

  • Love it…they have to have sunny spots - even in hotel rooms!! :D:D:D

  • Houston

    Isn't that funny. Otis will do the same thing..in our house that is, we have yet to vacation…two more weeks..Even if the sliver is ever so slight, he will bask in its glorious rays..

  • You can see how the sun moves in my back yard by the different holes Buddy digs to lay in.

  • Benji used to lie in Flower planters warmed by the sun.
    Here are (hopefully) two pics of him at Treardurr Bay, Anglsey.

  • I can now tell time by the position of the sun-dogs. Dogs on the back porch, 9-10am, dogs in the dining room, 11-noon, dogs in the bedroom 1-2, dogs in the living room 3-4, you get the idea;)

    Sun-dogs are like having your own personal indoor sun-dial:).

  • The Department of Defense has nothing on our very own, furry, heat seeking missiles. Regardless of whether it is the sun, a space heater, a kerosene heater, a floor vent, or just a good ol' wood burning fire in the fireplace, they WILL find it and be as near as they can to it!

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