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    So Otis and all of us just came back from a week in Rockport, TX. It was a lovely little beach town 3+ hours south of Houston. The trip down there went fairly uneventful, the dogs (3) wore their new seatbelts and were happy as all get-out to have second row seating for themselves..the human kids were on the third row.
    Once we got there, smells were abundant, new smells for sure for Otis, he has never been to the ocean before, and boy did it smell good..his nose was either in the ground or up in the air sniffing nonstop..The first night he fell asleep ever so soundly on the couch.

    The next day it was time to explore the huge 250' dock. Gus and Luna our 2 non Bs flew down those stairs and went running full steam ahead down the dock to the main landing…

    …Otis..not so much..it took him all day to go down the first step..with his front paws, his back paws were still firmly planted on the top step..sissy.

    The next day he ventured down to the halfway point, and that is were he stopped..he never did get further..to scary with water, dolphins and the birds, they made him have a hard time focusing on where to place his paws on the steps..oh those awesome birds..

    Otis is definitely a land crab, that's OK, we are cool with that..so he set out exploring the huge 2 acre property he had to his disposal..lots of smells to track..come to find out a family of 7+ racoons lived down by the shore and they ventured up to our patio every night and left a huge track of scents behind..perfect for three dogs eager to have something to do with their noses. I had put a bell in his collar so no matter were he went we could hear him, it worked great. The funny thing is, that since the bell was so noisy we would take the whole collar off of him once he was inside..and when he wanted to go back out, he simply tried to put it on or brought it to us to put it on him..pretty smart for a B..right..;)

    Sometimes we even stopped to enjoy the sights..

    but the best thing about the trip..was coming home finding the toybin he had forgotten and his happy bone..oh joy..

  • Great photos…I wish I was there!

  • Looks like you had a great time. Otis is growing up very nicely.

  • Those are great shots with nice descriptions to go with them. It looks like a really nice placed you all stayed at too. Otis not big on the water but looks like he had a great time just running around the property.

  • Great pictures! Looks like you had a lot of fun! Otis is a very good looking brindle!!

  • Looks like you all had a great time, lovely pics 🙂

  • Houston

    Yes we did have a great time. I actually enjoyed having the dogs with us as supposed to leaving them at home with a friend. They truly enjoyed it was well.

  • Great photos & story! I love the two "non Bs" running on the dock and Otis' land shots…and his "home" shot!
    Thanks for sharing.

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