Otis and Dotty at the park

Today was a one of those days, when the heat is too much (92 degrees) but the winds make up for it..so we decided to head to the small dog park 30 minutes down the freeway. Once we got there I realized why nobody else were there..muddy..we have had a lot of rainstorms lately..
Otis and Dotty didn't care, more things to sniff at undisturbed..

Lukas would run and they would chase him, half heartedly, no B 500 speed or nothing..but still it felt good with the wind..

Otis in attack mode…

All in all they had a good time at the park, this is Dotty resting afterwards, while Lukas is playing on, like he calls it "the people playground"

…Otis wondering why he can't climb with Lukas, it does look like so much fun after all..

Looks like a good park and they're enjoying it. Great pics Petra! Ours was a mud hole! As of Monday it's closed for 6-8 weeks for resodding. Buddy just has to get in that mud and chow down. I always wore old clothes and hiking boots. Too messy!

Great pictures and she is so pretty. Otis and Dotty make a nice pair now that they get along Otis would never have to share with a stanger again.

Rita Jean

Very nice pics! What a cute couple.. 🙂

Great pics, glad Otis is feeling better, he sure looks good. What a pretty face Dotty has.
Who is Lukas?

Any pics of Lukas at the park?


Lukas would be my darling 4 yr old son..
He, needless to say, thought the mud and "ponds" like he called them, were awesome..mud is every boys favorite medium..

What a handsome young man!

Very handsome guy.

Rita Jean


Thanks all, we like him..he is a keeper..lol

Cute little boy 🙂

Looks like all of them are keepers 😉 My 8-year old step son plays in the mud too!


Actaully, my 9 yr old daughter is horrible about making mud, out of everything. She is a little bit artistic, so she has to create at all given times…grrrrr

That's what little girls do when my daughter was little she would go under the car with her dad and find everything that had grease on it. Car was always clean of grease when Ashley got done because it all over her again. Mud would have been nice.

Rita Jean


RitaJean that is funny. Yes I can see mud being better then grease..maybe not as much fun though..
Are you getting ready for Eli and Jaycee's debut? We are keeping our fingers, toes and paws crossed everything goes perfect.

Yes we are Jaycee got her bath and nail's yesterday that was fun. Eli got new clothes last weekend and other than the fact that Jaycee is in season all is well. Thank you let you all know Saturday and hope pictures.

Rita Jean


We will b ethinking of all of y'all. Good luck..go get'em!!

Yea well she might just go get'em in the wrong way but thank you so much. I can see from the pictures that Otis is much better I so happy about that.

Rita Jean

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