Furkids in the park :-)

Ziggy (the Basenji) and Zoe in the park on a VERY hot day. Because Zoe is panting, she has that "happy dog" look. I think that Ziggy is thinking, "Can we puh-leeze get back in the air conditioning?) ~ Lori ~


Cute picture…great caption!

Lori–I'm so happy you adopted Ziggy. Most people are not willing to take a 9 yr old--especially who has never lived in a house. You are doing a wonderful thing giving Ziggy a loving home to enjoy his senior years. Zoe is a beauty, too! Ziggy looks like he's really attached to her. That is an adorable picture. I also like that first one of Ziggy that you emailed me.

Basenji Mix

Aww - This is so cute! They look like they adore one another. 😉

awww very very cute

Oh how cute!! 😃

They look like they are glued together:)

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