Is this my spot?

So Nike figured out how to nudge the chair just enough so he can get on it and get his spot at the dinner table :p
Lets just say we don't get up in the middle of a meal anymore, because there's been a few times where we've had a few things on our plate stolen or licked lol…

CUTE! Looks like he's saying "bring on the food mom!"

That is so funny! Jack figured out how to move the footstool in the kitchen to get better access to the trash and countertops. You gotta love these dogs!

Wow has he gotten big! It's amazing to think of Dallas & Nike when they were still so tiny! Haha.

What a cute picture!

Cute Pic. I like your color scheme. it is so bright and cheery.

Basenji Mix

Cute - cute picture! Looks like he'll be waiting for a long time in that spot. 🙂 I like your colors too.


Cute - cute picture! Looks like he'll be waiting for a long time in that spot. 🙂 I like your colors too.

he could stand there forever if there was a glimmer of hope he would get food lol…that pup lives to eat that is for sure!

Cute cute picture. Trixie loves food also, just not her own! She would much prefer to eat what her humans are eating! She gives it a college try every evening! We have learned to ignore her!

Poor Nike. It's so hard to get good service any more.

Cute pic! They sure love their (our..) food!

Nike has a beautiful collar!

Oh yes with my two babies I have realized that my next dinning room set is going to be a cafe style table and chairs so they are higher off the floor. :)….Very cute pic:D

rocky will actually sit in the chairs at the table like hes waiting to be served!! thank god mia cant get up there yet.. shed be crawling on the table! lol

Hmmm… a cafe style table is actually a really good idea... hadn't thought about that.

Oh Gosh yea. I have one outside on the porch because when charlie was younger he would try to climb up on it. He was never bad like Zaire is at the dinning room table so I haven't switched over inside, but the cafe style deck table totaly keeps Charlie and Zaire from even getting onto the chairs. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

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