• We've been moving houses and haven't really had time to update… okay, I confess, I had misplaced the cord to the camera and just couldn't upload photos.

    Lewie is growing sooooo fast! Just the other day we found one of his teeth on the living room rug 🙂

    Here's the photo filled update

    Lazy Lewie after a day of helping unpack:

    First nap in the new kitchen, discovering the awesome power of sunlight- not previously available in the old apartment

    From Easter- Daddy says my bandanna makes me look like a girl. Mommy disagrees.

    Oh so comfortable, napping with Daddy

    Rainy day snuggle, just the way I like it


  • Awwwww . . .
    He's very cute, and yes, unpacking is hard work for a little basenji.

  • Very cute. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lewie is adorable. Thanks for sharing the photos. I especially love the one where he is yawning. He has wonderful ears!!!

  • Lewis, don't worry. You look like a very handsome young man with your bandana/scarf on.

  • Adorable pictures - Lewis is so cute! The bandana does nothing to make him look less manly! Basenjis, as a rule, look pretty intense and I've found most people think mine are boys, but they are girls. Must be the wrinkles.

  • gorgeous pics of Lewie, i love it when you find a baby tooth. I think his bandana looks cute.

  • Lewie is such a cutie - he does look a little embarrassed by the bandanna.

  • He love's wearing bandannas– His everyday one is camo colored (a bit more manly)

  • aaww he is soooo cute. I just can't stop saying that about my either. My favorite one is him sleeping with daddy. My sleeps the same way with his daddy. Thanks for sharing.

  • Good that he enjoys wearing the bandannas and the yellow one certainly doesn't make him look girlie. Mine don't even like wearing their ordinary collars - I wonder if they'd react differently to bandannas?

  • We started him on the bandannas early when we got him around 10 weeks- so he has no issue looking adorable!!!

  • First Basenji's

    "Basenji blanket bundling" is a favorite activity around here, too. 🙂

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