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Jackie is the other love in my life ![](images/smilies/biggrin.png "Big Grin")

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Jackie's tail and B-hind was getting crazy. Frank & I came across a sale, 3 self cleaning brushes & with a trimmer on top. You flip it the the desired trim length. Jack seems to not mind at all, he thinks he is just being brushed and loved. If you are looking for something like this my is made by PetZoom. Hope this helps

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aaww he is soooo cute. I just can't stop saying that about my either. My favorite one is him sleeping with daddy. My sleeps the same way with his daddy. Thanks for sharing.

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It sound silly, but I notice my basenji needs to smell scents to get the job done. His main meal is in the PM & morning between 6:30 - 8:30 AM. About 10 mins into our walk he goes. Your basenji might need to pace around and he might hover for a while before going. My basenji has improve since I've been keeping him on a schedule.

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