• First Basenji's

    In a few weeks, I will be basenji-less. I'm doing my thesis research in southern Alabama for three months, and I will not be able to take Cody with me. While many people have offered to take care of him, he will be staying with my parents and Moe, where I think he will be the safest and happiest. I'm nervous, but I would be no matter who I left him with.

    I know that he forgets Moe (his best doggy friend) after a few months, and I've read where basenjis have forgotten their owners after long periods of time. Does anyone else have any experiences with being away from their basenjis for a long time? How did they react when you left and when you returned? Any suggestions or advice?

  • I sincerely believe that he WILL remember you!

    I rescued Sophie last May, and she lived with me for only 3 weeks before my daughter Maggie could take her. Whenever I see Sophie (I've visited her twice in the last year), her little cinnamon bun tail wags hysterically, followed by a cacophony of roo's!

    No worries, I promise. 🙂

  • He won't forget you. 😉 My 2 oldest see their breeder once a year now and when the bs see them, they yodel and wag their tails.

  • First Basenji's

    Not basenji-specific, but my shiba had no problem remembering me when I've had to be gone for 3 months in the past. Sounds like your Cody will be in safe hands, so relax – don't worry. 🙂

    It's been a while since I've had to be away from home for that long, and I haven't had to be gone for that long since we've had both dogs. But one thing that helped a lot was when my partner sent daily photo messages. Without fail, he sent one every day. Doesn't have to be artfully composed or anything -- and with camera phones, it's so easy to do, nobody should have an excuse (unless they've got a phone plan like my parents and every text message still costs 15 cents!). Yes, I'm terribly attached to my pets, as I imagine you are, too. So the daily photos really set my mind at ease. Yes, they still sleep and poop and eat the same even when I'm gone!

  • my boyz will go year w/o seeing their breeders. sometimes it takes a little while, but they always remember eventually. (I got Digital at 10 months and Jet at 7months) And when they finally do remember, they are beside themselves with joy.

  • OMG, you made me queasy when I saw the topic and your name. I thought Cody was sick or something horrible! OMG… you needed to put TEMPORARILY basenjiless! I must be hormonal or the fatigue really getting me, I have freaking tears in my eyes lol. (Not to make you feel bad or anything!)

    Okay first your dear dog will NOT NOT NOT forget you. I promise.

    Second, sleep on a towel or blanket and send a newly scented one home every couple of weeks! We have new parents bring home scented articles from new member, or bring new baby blanket home for the dogs... scents are powerful and it will help keep you connected and Cody comforted.

    Third, where in so Alabama? I am not too far and I know we have a couple of folks in the state so maybe we can get together and share our senjis with you!

    Finally, what is your thesis on?

  • You will be warmly recieved when you return..

  • When we had both Cory and Timi, brother and sister, they both remembered their breeders George & Cherrly Lawson. Cory was really a one family dog, but he always remembered them and those were some of the very few times his tail would twitch a bit, never a full wag for him, so a twitch was impressive. He won't forget you. Dawn

  • First Basenji's

    Thanks for easing my mind everyone. It does make me feel better.
    Curlytails, thanks for the picture tip… I may even attempt to teach my parents to use skype 🙂

    Debra, sorry for scaring you!
    Thanks for the suggestion. It's definitely easy and he's always done better with separation when scents are involved.

    I'm going to be on the southern coast, in Bayou La Batre. My thesis is on the economic responses of commercial fishermen effected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

  • Wow that sounds very intense but interesting.

  • First Basenji's

    I think it's interesting–but then again, for the last 7 months, I've eat, slept, and breathed the oil spill and fishing industry in the Gulf-- but I'm also extremely nervous because it has the potential to really help people and I don't want to screw it up.

    I'll be working 20 hour days and not sleeping for 3 months, hence not taking Cody. It wouldn't be fair to lock him in his kennel for so long 😞

  • Well. I was without for 8 months, 8 very very very long months. I was so fortunate to have Janneke take care of my Lycia.. but she most certainly remembered me when I arrived to see her. There was absolute zero gap in our relationship when I took her back to Edinburgh with me. Don't be afraid! Sometimes we can't always be with them for their best interest.

  • First Basenji's

    Shouiffy, I was hoping you would respond as well since I remembered that you and Lycia were separated for quite a while. That does make me feel better, although I know I will be going through Cody-withdrawal after a few days.

  • First Basenji's

    Thanks to a few problems, I had to return to NC early. It was disheartening because now I have to come up with a new MA research project in half the time….. BUT now I can sleep a little easier.

    It's kind of crazy, because I used to complain about his paws pushing into my back as he stretched out, and waking up in the middle of the night on the edge of the queen-sized bed with him comfortably sprawled out in the middle, but now I can't sleep without the little bed hog... sharp nails and all 🙂 I had such a hard time sleeping without him.

    He was a bit stand-offish when I showed up at the door around midnight... for about 5 minutes. (Over 15 hours in a car, in 102 degree heat, and my A/C went out about 6 hours into the trip, so I'm pretty sure I didn't look or smell like my normal self when I walked in the door :eek: ) Then he realized who I was, and he followed me around while I brought in my bags and curled up tightly against me when I finally sat down. He's not an affectionate boy, but he was affectionate in his own way, and I can tell he is happy that I am back.

    I've really missed my little butthead.

  • First Basenji's

    Welcome back! I'm surprised it took him even 5 minutes for him to recognize you. But I'm happy for your happy reunion.

    Bowpi does the bedshove thing too. That description of your nightly ritual made me chuckle with recognition.

  • Welcome back!

  • Of course Cody remembered you…........ 🙂 welcome home!

  • Oh wow, I can only imagine how stressed you are at having to come up with new idea, but am sure glad you are back with your buddy!

  • Houston

    So happy to hear that you're home again…and I know Cody feels the same way..:)

  • Ok, don't send a towel, use a flannel type material to sleep on and send to him to put where he sleeps. They can shred the towels into long stripes, ingest them and then here comes the vet visit and maybe surgery to remove.

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