Miss Athena will have a friend soon!!!

We are getting her from a breeder in Fort Worth. They have been breeding for awhile now and has tested for faconi. All the puppies have had their shots and papers. We won't be getting her for at least another two weeks so my baby girl has time to recover and get some more alone time with us. I am excited to see how she will do with another pup so that she has someone up with her speed.

Well, I do like 2 b's to be together, in the house, when we are at work.
But remember, the bills are double as well.
As well as the activities! laugh.
It will be busy at your house.


My apartment has been so clean and put away thanks to her. I'm pretty sure we will have to even be more aware of what they both can get into once he joins. Thank goodness my vet is on of the cheaper ones I have found. He will be a great addition to our new growing family.

I have always had pairs in the past, they really do keep each other company. Our house has actually been much calmer since we picked up Gambits Sister. The adults are no longer worn out playing with her, yet I am not really seeing a play frenzy going on between the pups. Today I was off from work, and took all 6 dogs out in the back yard to play fetch, After 15 minutes of play, the girls were tired and slept together the rest of the afternoon. I do recommend a puppy training class for both of them, it will help you and them.


I'll look into the training for sure. She has so much energy. I usually take her to the god park or on a walk around the neighborhood to wear her out. Hopefully they will wear each other out. I can't wait til I can train them to walk on a leash correctly and show off how beautiful they will be together.


Who are you getting the second pup from? And the breeder should be the one to tell you if the male would be a good match for your girl. What did the breeder tell you about his temperament?

All good comments/questions, Pat. Also, make sure the breeder you select will take the puppy back unconditionally, regardless of its age.


So very excited for you and Athena..best of luck…:)
We need pictures you know..;)..when he gets here..


I can't wait. I noticed that most of my pictures of Athena sleeping. Hopefully with him I can have pictures of them two playing.


The breeder is signet kennels in ft worth

So that would be Brenda Cassel, she has some very nice Basenjis

I love Brendas dogs, they are so nice and friendly, and she will take them back for the life of the dog, I think she has 6 adults right now who are looking for homes due to owners deaths, divorce etc. Anyone looking for a sweet adult male could get a great companion from her.


I love Brendas dogs, they are so nice and friendly, and she will take them back for the life of the dog, I think she has 6 adults right now who are looking for homes due to owners deaths, divorce etc. Anyone looking for a sweet adult male could get a great companion from her.

I agree Lisa!

oh my goodness BaNHANerZz, you must be mad 😉
Seriously i'm sure you will have fun with two as long as you are prepared for lots of hard work.
We have just got our second Basenji, he's 12 wks and Malaika is 15 months. It's wonderful to see the two of them playing together , and in a way it's easier with him as Malaika amuses him and they excercise each other.
We are still adjusting to having two, so many things are different, for instance they have to be trained seperately and each given time on their own. Sometimes it feels that there aren't enough hours in the day.

I had Gambit enrolled in a rally class that starts in 2 weeks, she is in CGC now and doing very well, so I just signed Tempest up for a STAR puppy class on the same nights at the same facility. My husband will take her thru the puppy class, while I'm in the rally class. With training classes over a 2 hour drive away, its best for us to train at the same time, yet in separate classes so they are not paying attention to each other rather than us.


I am hoping that they won't be the death of us. Lol we have been talking and talking about it and wondering if we could really handle two. I think we are working well together for Athena and I hope we can do the same for the next.

The one thing that you can never be prepared for is the noise two can make… it is like nothing you have heard before. At times, it will sound like they are killing each other...

I can tell you that my first two were born two weeks apart... and honestly, my girl, Maggii did not really like our boy, OJ all that much. While she was happy for the company, she really did not enjoy playing with him and spent more time "screaming" at him to leave her alone... Which of course he paid no attention to! When I brought Mickii into the house, all she wanted to do is play with OJ, but by then he was 1 1/2 yrs old almost and she was the "shark" with puppy teeth...ggg. So then it was OJ screaming at Mickii to leave him alone.... Once the puppy teeth were gone, it was much more "calm"....

My current two, C-Me and Franie are totally different... all they do is play... they run, chase each other, wrestle with each other, chase squirrels with each other.... no need to worry about them being "A tired Basenji is a good Basenji"... they never sit still unless sleeping. And then it is like the dead! It is one continuous B-500 from morning till night

WOW, tell her hello for me! She handled Sayblee at the Basenji Special in NC back in Oct 2002!


I definitely will. I'm so excited. Athena got her cone of shame removed today and so we are ready to go pick up this puppy soon.

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