• Front feet hoppers?… Cara stomps her feet. She literally pops up and down JUST a little as if stomping both feet (most the time) and occasionally one foot then the other in rapid succession.

    She is doing it right now because I am not sharing my omelet. I am not sharing because I made it with a lot of onions, btw. I just wondered who else has feet stompers.

  • I have foot stompers!!! Both of mine are little Jumpin Jacks!!!

  • Oakley is a stomper…and a whiner!

  • This is such an enchanting breed, which helps us not pinch their little heads off in their not-so-enchanting moments.

  • Nakura stamps her foot into her empty metal bowl when she wants food. She seems to know that there is only so much metal on metal noise I can stand. 😃

  • When Shaye is at the park and another dog is annoying her in any way whatsoever, she will jump a little off the ground and stomp all four feet, holding her body very stiff. She does it next to the dog, sort of sideways, and sometimes face on. I think it's a warning that she's not impressed with what they are doing. Also, when we want to put her jacket on to go out when it's cold, she will stomp her front feet before finally giving in - letting us know she doesn't like it, but knows she has to have it on.

  • Abbey does the stomping bit too.

  • Jet the trying is a foot stomper. He will also toss his head and snort looking for all the world like a fancy little pony.

  • Gbala is a stomper especially when she is saying "Me first".

  • Yep, I had a stomper also. The little stinker would sit, waiting for whatever it was that he wanted, (that I would not give him) as he would become inpatient, he would stomp his feet and "huff" at the same time. If he could speak, it would probably go something like " Ahhh, HELLLOO, I'm still waiting!!!! I want what I want and I want it now. Look at me!!! stomp, huff. I'm cute you know. Then I'd get a pathetic funny little whimper.
    Oh, let's not forget that he would also H I T me. 🙂
    I sure do miss my boy Einstein.
    Pam "PJ"

  • LOL Pam. Arwen is a poker…poke, poke, poke. A very JAB motion, not pawing. But Cara just does the stomping. Of course she also puts her head in my lap or STRETCHES on me. Man I love this breed.

  • I don't have a stomper, but he sure does love to smother his face into the side of me when I'm sitting on the ground and not paying any attention. Now, whenever I sit down, he will run from any place he is in the house to do this… Which usually involves the stretching too, such an entertaining dog. 😃

  • Soda stomps a little, too. This morning though, he was invited (more like air-lifted, HAHA, he is way too small to get up himself) up onto the bed… and he thought it was time for play, not snoozy cuddles. Little guy starts 'punching' me in the head and shoulders with his little paws to get my attention!
    Lucky he's so cute and warm in the mornings or I would have been veeery grumpy about such an awakening.

  • "Snoozy Cuddles" Mango I love that. Makes me smile. Cuteness factor, I hear that!!! My husband would say that all the time about our boy Einstein; he had ( Einstein, not my husband) swirly curls of hair on each one of his "bum" cheecks…....good thing too, 'cause he was very naughty when he was a puppy, you couldn't get too mad tho.....when the swirls match the curl in his tail. 🙂

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