Hello from Kaiah

Hello everyone - my name is Jill and our new puppy is Kaiah. She is a tri colored beauty (3 months old now) and is our second basenji. I am looking forward to participating in the forum with other basenji owners. I am having issues with the profile picture (it shows up in the User CP but not on my posts). If anyone has a suggestion I would appreciate it.

Welcome to the forum. Where did you get Kaiah? Are you talking about the avatar? Maybe the one you're trying to use is exceeding the size limit. Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 80 by 80 pixels or 19.5 KB (whichever is smaller).

Thanks for the info - I'm sure that I exceeded the limits - we purchased her from MiBre's Basenjis in Homestead, FL.

WELCOME! You have to post pictures! 🙂

Welcome, Jill. Are you in south Fl? We are in the Tampa area and have a regular basenji meet-up, you are welcome anytime you are in our area.

I have 2 tris myself!

Welcome Jill and Kaiah! Glad you've joined us here.


Welcome to you both..yes, pictures would be fun..but regardless, glad you found us..

Welcome to the forums and congrats on your second puppy 🙂

Welcome Jill and Kaiah

we are actually out of Jacksonville, but we do travel to Tampa for work. It would be great to meet up. Kaiah would love to play with some basenjis. I know she misses her brothers and sisters.

Thanks for welcome. I am so glad I found this site. Its so full of information!!

Thanks!!! Its been 13 years since we have had a puppy in the house. So I am glad I found you guys!!

Thanks!!! I will soon!!!

Welcome Jill and Kaiah, she certainly is a cute baby.

Our basenji meet-up is every Sunday at a big 6 acre park called "West Park", it is a Hillsborough county park (if you are googling). We live near downtown and go to our near-by smaller park almost every afternoon, so could meet up with you on weekdays as well if you are near town.

Sounds great. I will send you a message the next time we go to Tampa….We are usually there during the weekdays and only sometimes on the weekend. Thanks so much for the invitation I know Kaiah will love it and we would also!!

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