• So far this week I have lost a Nunchuck and a Nokia Mobile Phone. The murderer being Trouper!!! :eek:

    I wasn't really surprised by the Nunchuck as it was on the table and he is the master at pulling things off from there. My mobile however was a bit of a shock. It fell out of my pocket and was on the sofa for no more than 5 mins. It quite often lies around the sofa along with the TV remote, cordless phone etc and nothing ever happens.

    One bite was all it took. Screen smashed. I have just spent all evening trying to retrieve all the valuable data and photos from the phone.

    I know. I know. Keep everything out of reach. Well I've lived with Bs for 9 years now but still can't get the hang of keeping things tidy. :o

  • Houston

    LOL!! Sounds about right! Pearls is good at chewing things, one of her favorite activities!

  • Benkura, look at the positive. Does this mean you can try to sign up for a new, cheaper cell phone plan? 🙂

  • "Nothing ever happens" !! Well until it does, of course!!

    At least you can't blame my girl this time - but on second thoughts Trouper is half Antefaa!!!

    Whats a Nunchuck, Benkura!?

  • Is the only broken part the screen and/or LCD? No fault of my dog, I finally cracked my screen on my motorola droid after a year of random drops and no issue. Terrible first day of the new year 😉 But there's repair shops that will fix that for a pretty fair fee compared to replacing the whole thing. And actually since I didn't pay for insurance on my phone (verizon charges 6/month and on top of that an 89 replacement phone fee) its cheaper! Found one place that charges 80 bucks to replace the screen.

  • Patty, a nunchuck is part of the remote control for a Nintendo Wii.

    It's mostly the LCD part of the phone - it still switches on - but there are a few deep teeth marks else where. I don't think the phone is worth fixing. It was a Nokia 6303. I am looking at replacing it with a smartphone Nokia N8 😃

    You can bet your bottom dollar though that I won't let the new phone out of my sight!!!

  • Yes Patty, it was definitely the Antefaa coming out in him 😃

  • I think your pup was helping you get your upgrade on. You should thank em! 🙂 Smartphones FTW!

  • First Basenji's

    I am counting my blessings…...we have had our Basenji, Mojo, for 2 years, and the only thing he chewed up (besides his toys) were a pair of my boots, when he was very young!

  • Hmmm…. my girls have "eaten" at least 6 pairs of glasses.... sigh... our fault for leaving them where they could get to them... and they go after the "ear" pieces because it has your human odor/taste/scent on them...ggg....

    Lucky so far they have left the TV controls alone.... so surely that will be the "kiss" of death!!!! LOL

    As they say, you leave them around... they are free game

  • First Basenji's

    Oh my goodness- I am very lucky!!! Before we got Mojo, we did a lot of research on Basenji's, and found they do like to chew pretty much everything. I am so surprised he hasn't done much damage. He's a very mild tempered Basenji, maybe that has something to do with it.

  • hahaha Hope has a thing for the Wii remotes and nunchucks too. They are put out of her reach after seeing her sneaking off with a white cord trailing behind her… hmm lol we saved it from its fate lol

  • I have never had a problem with the remotes or nunchuks. However, the kleenex box and the plastic building blocks from my grandson, now-that's a delicacy!

  • Kiz is able to remove the silicone skins from the wii remotes without hurting the remotes and turns on the wii. I'm thinking we should get an xbox with kinect so he can be the controller.

  • LOL Yodel4Me. I'd pay good money to see that 🙂

  • It seems to me that the Basenjis are the controllers any way without any help fromb Kinect!!

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