The Christmas "Beast" that almost wasn't

  • It was the CAT, I tell ya, the CAT did it.

  • Kismet was safely (and securely) shut away upstairs during any food and door traffic activities so I have no good stories to tell… but I was watching mythbusters the other day and on their holiday special they talked about the damage a frozen turkey could do to a dog! I didn't get to see the whole show, but one part showed their "dog" and with the turkey falling on it causing the back to fully crack. I never even thought of something like that ever happening. Hold on to them turkeys and other heavy meats tight!

    Tho I did find out my baby is a scaredy cat. When we'd let her down after people came over she'd stand on the stairs watching someone and back up anytime they made a move toward her. Then step forward barking a bit then back up the stairs.. was funny 😉 She also made a dash after being walked and let in the front door for the back patio (sliding glass door was closed at the time!) And full speed right into it... unfortunately that's not the first time she's had door run-ins LOL. She seems to learn her lesson right after and checks to see if a door is there, but forgets it later on.

  • A dear friend of mine rescued a sweet little basenji boy a few years ago. She had no idea that basenjis can fly. They had Parker for a couple of weeks when they ordered pizza. My friend was upstairs with Parker when her son called up the stairs and said that the pizza had arrived. She started down the stairs with Parker coming down in front of her. Her son was sitting at the table with a slice of pizza half way to his mouth. Parker jumped off the stairs and sailed through the air right past the son's face. Everyone was in awe when they realized that Parker was sitting on the other side of the room with the pizza in his mouth!!

  • LOL yep, chows and basenji can fly. 🙂

  • Ok, Vicki… I have to know... did you guys share the rest of the roast beast, or did you trade it in for hot dogs?

  • Since Hunter is a big licker, we figured it couldn't have been any worse than his daily face washings.

    I gladly ate the "roast beast".

    Clearly, that will prove my love for my bs!!!!!

  • He looks so innocent in that picture! The face of an angel but the mind of a demon!

  • Your stories are a riot! We are usually pretty careful not to leave anything where our B's can jump, climb or fly - but - Heaven help you if you are casually eating anything when not at the table and your arm comes low enough for a quick run-by! We've lost sandwiches, cookies, hot dogs. . . . the list goes on!

  • Very funny, too bad no one had a camera to record the "action".

  • Houston

    Too funny and YES, way too smart…

  • I recently had just peeled a banana to eat, while holding onto the bottom of the banana, turned my head just an instant from the banana in front of me(mind you its about chest high) and the banana was happy being gulped down by my Cody. Never even jostled my hand.

  • The reason I can't get mad when my basenjis have swiped food is because they look completely innocent afterwards, almost like, "Wait. You wanted me to eat that, right? Did I do something wrong? ":D

  • giggle this thread makes me laugh.

    i snapped these shots a while ago of our little miss.

    Sittin all innocently (look at that face)…

    Oh hi… can i has some food please?

    She didnt steal anything that day but i was eating shark and went to refill my drink which was several steps away thinking she wont touch it… the basenji is asleep .... turn around to find the sleeping basenji helping herself to a little piece of meat lol ninja style. haha thankfully i was finished my meal and it was only a few mouthfulls left (which she was getting anyway) lol

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