Hello form Laura in Maryland

Just wanted to introduce myself, some of you know who I am already and some may not. My name is Laura and I live in Maryland between DC and Baltimore. I am a Basenji breeder and also show these lovely little wild things. I have been involved in the breed since 1992 when I got my first Basenji Tammen's Tequila Twist, CGC who regretfully I lost to Fanconi at age 12. I have had a few dogs from Susan Coe and a bitch from Michele Gaghan. I have breed two litters with Susan Coe and two litters myself. The first litter I bred myself is a all CH litter, with one of the dogs being a DC and a Verstile Basenji Excellent and he is just getting started. Right now I am showing two specials my male AKC CH/RBIS UKC CH/MBIS & MRBIS Int CH & Nat CH Tammen's Take Me On and my bitch AKC CH/MBIS & MRBIS UKC GR CH/MBIS & MRBIS Puppy Int CH & Nat CH/MBIS Int CH Tammen's Sparks Will Fly. If you would like to see my guys you can check them out on www.tammensbasenjis.com. I know I will find lots of old friend here and make some new ones.:)

Hi Laura đŸ™‚

Hi Laura, I was always hoping to find you on this forum- I love your basenji's and your website is great… I am awaiting my new B baby in a few weeks, who knows- maybe in a year or two when I am ready to have a second we can talk and pick your brain. Welcome and great to see your on the forum.

Thanks Guys it is great to be here. I just found out about this forum while playing on the internet. I don't know how I missed it before.

Chealsie508 Contact me privatley and we can talk more about my guys and planned litters. It will not be until next fall or later.

hi Laura,

I look forward to learning from you on 'all things basenji'. Nice to meet you.

Welcome! As a nonbreeder, I love having knowledgeable folks around to learn from. Glad you found us!

Hey Laura… welcome

Welcome from the UK, Laura.

Welcome to the forum Laura!!

Hi Laura! I wondered why you weren't on here, glad you found it!

Lively discussions, and much loved Basenjis all over the world.

Bruce, the Exalted EV's brother, sends his love

Hi Laura đŸ™‚


Welcome Laura, nice to have you onboard.

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum Laura

Welcome to the forum. It's good to read the posts from breeders that appear here, because all your suggestions and information is welcome to all of us non-breeders.

Welcome to the forum

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