• I am totally new to the basenji world. In October, I luckily found my beautiful basenji/lab mix at a shelter in PA. She looks like a mini lab who wants to be a runway doggie model. She has long legs and a thin body for a lab but the black coloring with white on her chest and slightly floppy ears. She also has the cutest curly tail.

    When I picked her out, I was thinking that she was a lab with something else in her but mostly lab. boy was I wrong. Shelby is very clean and loves comfort. She doesn't like the cold. She is also very sensitive and so expressive with her face. She's smart about learning commands but usually thinks about obeying them. And she runs like the wind and is so agile it's amazing. Shelby doesn't act like my other retrievers did so I decided to do some research. That's when I found out about basenjis. What an interesting breed! Now I understand why she tries to "kill" her stuffed toys and why fetching a ball is like so beneath her. She's not a retriever, she's a hunter. Shelby is also a cuddle bunny and I just adore her.

    I am so lucky to have found this special dog and I will continue to visit the B forum to learn more about her breed.


  • @SweetShelby:

    I am so lucky to have found this special dog and I will continue to visit the B forum to learn more about her breed.Winnie

    Welcome to the Forum Winnie! Lot's of information to look through and many great pictures as well. Post some pics, she sounds very interesting.

  • As Basenji Boy mentioned, this place is amazing if you need to find information on anything or to just here storyies of this very entertaining breed. Everyone is so helpful and willing to share past experiences. I'm also very eager to see pictures, she sounds great. I too need to post some pictures of my tri.

  • Welcome to forums Winnie and Shelby…. I too have a basenji mix...(SANDIE) the mix i part i dont know... But her basenji parts im positive of.....

  • Hi and welcome to the forum!
    It is interesting to me that it seems that in a mix, the basenji shines thru!!
    Guess that's really typical afterall!!!
    Theres' lots of fun stuff here!

  • Welcome! Lots of good info here.

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