• I have a co-bred litter up in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada this year.

    Dam is OFA Good, Fanconi Carrer, CERFd as a pup.
    Sire is Fanconi Clear. Will be OFAd upon reaching 2 years of age.

    Litter of 4 r/w girls and 2 r/w boys whelped on 12/9/2010.



    Pups will be available in Portland, Oregon and Drumheller, Canada.
    If interested, please email me through my website (all found here on my profile).

  • The pups are two weeks of age.

    The girls:

    The boys:

  • SO flippin adorable- I don't know what else to say- I love the expression on the boy puppy to the right. Congratulations

  • Husband and I braved the snow storm to go visit these puppies yesterday. They are all so healthy and socialized. I loved watching them interact with their Mom, Dad, and two other adult basenjis.
    We fell in love with the little female on the far right of the girls picture. She was pretty curious and brave.
    I do have pictures but can't upload them until tomorrow.
    I am so excited, not only at having a puppy, but also at having the support and knowledge of these great breeders in our lives. I think I could have avoided a lot of problems had I had the support of Blaze's breeder.

  • B-utiful puppies! May they all find their forever homes.

  • What pretty dogs! Congrats!

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