Sherwood pups at 5 weeks

Been busy this week so getting these up late. Here they are at 5 weeks.

How can they be soooooo CUTE???????

A tri girl looks really great, she is nicely short and shapely. I want her :p:D!
Upcoming star of showrings 🆒.

Puppy # 4-does she have an attitude? They're very cute and nice looking Robyn. A litter well done.

I don?t know why I keep looking at the pics…. they all are so cute... 😃

They all are so cute.

Rita Jean

Great pic and video, thank you

Tri girl #4 has a kiss-spot like my Nicky (who I adopted from BRAT, thanks to you) on her forehead, love it! They are all so cute!

I still like #3 girl. She's really pretty! All of them are great looking pups.


Goodness are they cute of what…I want them all...

I think I would name that little red girl #3 "Sherwood's It's Raining Love" because she seems so friendly and sweet.

Ohhhhh nooo I wanna scream they are so adorable! How fun. What beauties.

They're lovely puppies - I love to see them when their noses are just getting colour. I think the tri girl looks very promising - have you a favourite?

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