Dogo Habari Puppies 10 weeks

You'll have to excuse the crappy one handed picture taking.



Bart-just a little scared of the big, bad counter.


I like how they are maturing. Frankie and Johnny are staying with you, correct?

Yes, Robyn. Frankie and Johnny are staying. Bart is going to a show home in Ottawa. Magic is going with Scott. Pictures lie and they are much better than the pictures.

very cute puppies, but, uhm, most people try to keep their basenjis off the kitchen countertops.


Beautiful little guys..but yes, we are trying our best over here to keep the basenji off the

Gorgeous Pups, they are coming on a treat!

The counter is the closest thing that is available in relation to their x-pen. With these little buggers it's hard enough working with one without having three more jumping around too!

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