• You'll have to excuse the crappy one handed picture taking.



    Bart-just a little scared of the big, bad counter.


  • I like how they are maturing. Frankie and Johnny are staying with you, correct?

  • Yes, Robyn. Frankie and Johnny are staying. Bart is going to a show home in Ottawa. Magic is going with Scott. Pictures lie and they are much better than the pictures.

  • very cute puppies, but, uhm, most people try to keep their basenjis off the kitchen countertops.

  • Houston

    Beautiful little guys..but yes, we are trying our best over here to keep the basenji off the counters..lol.

  • Gorgeous Pups, they are coming on a treat!

  • The counter is the closest thing that is available in relation to their x-pen. With these little buggers it's hard enough working with one without having three more jumping around too!

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