Video of Roxy playing in the snow (Basenji x BC)

Here's a short video of Roxy playing in the snow yesterday. 🙂

She's so cute, makes me laugh when she rolls in it, just because she can 🙂

Long ago there was a picture of Basenjis pulling a sled. Does anyone have it? Google can't find it now, only found this b&w photo:

The other was in color. No idea if photoshopped or real.

I couldn't see all of the video - but what I saw looks like she's having fun.

I love how excited she is! Cute video!


So cute, she is having a frisky ball..Wish we had snow here in south TX..

I'm finding it interesting that basenjis (many of them) not only tolerate snow but enjoy it. Maybe because they don't get wet right away? Or, that they are child like and just love playing in it. Great little video - thanks for sharing it.

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