Naked basenji in the cold snow!

Yep. Kamar luuurves snow.

-10 degrees celcius, no boots and no coat!

Here he is teasing his big brother from the top.

Dear spirits your DOG IS MAKING ME SHIVER! LOL, wow. The 2nd one is just MEAN. His brother can't help it he is heavier and SLIDDDDDDDEEESSS back down. LOL.

Basenji Mix

Brrrrrrrrrrr That is amazing, I know my old dog would have refused to step a foot in snow.

Snow don't even make your butt cold, lol!

Kamar has grown so much!! He is a very handsome boy and so devlish, teasing his big brother like that.

Wow, he has gotten to be such a big boy…and so handsome 🙂

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