Naked basenji in the cold snow!
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  • Yep. Kamar luuurves snow.

    -10 degrees celcius, no boots and no coat!

    Here he is teasing his big brother from the top.

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  • Dear spirits your DOG IS MAKING ME SHIVER! LOL, wow. The 2nd one is just MEAN. His brother can't help it he is heavier and SLIDDDDDDDEEESSS back down. LOL.

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  • Basenji Mix

    Brrrrrrrrrrr That is amazing, I know my old dog would have refused to step a foot in snow.

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  • Snow don't even make your butt cold, lol!

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  • Kamar has grown so much!! He is a very handsome boy and so devlish, teasing his big brother like that.

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  • Wow, he has gotten to be such a big boy…and so handsome :)

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