Great Basenji Video

This is a great video I found on youtube.

That's pretty funny! I used to have a wind up tiger that would walk and growl and my Blk/wht Nika would just stalk the thing then finally pounce on it.

LOL! Anything that's so still and just stares like that might be a wily predator ready to attack, you know.


Too cute. Otis does that with crickets,if they escape when my daughter is feeding her gecko…then, when they jump, he jumps flatfooted on all four paws, absolutely hysterical sight.
Thanks for sharing this clip..very funny.

Awww!!! They're so cute when they're curious. The first time….those stuffed animals haven't got a chance if the basenji has anything to say about it!!!

That was very cute thanks for sharing. We have old furby that Jaycee was not to sure about when it would talk she would run then come back until that one day she touched it.

Rita Jean

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