New Basenji Shaun video (with captured baroos!)

Shaun had another great play date with his pal Cassie.

I tried my best keeping up with these two! I did capture some good sound of some Basenji "baroos" towards the end though…

This video is Video #2 on this page:

what a great video…they play so great together!!

Wonderful times for both dogs. Thanks for sharing.


Cassie turned one-years-old yesterday. Shaun turned six-months a couple of days ago. These two make a great pair…

I love how Shaun knows he can get between the tree and the fence to get away from Cassie! Clever Shaun!

Lovely video! Its so great to see them getting along together. And Cassie seems to be gentle with him 🙂

Cute videos - love the yodels!!!

Great videos - very nice site as well - they have such fun playing together. Thanks for sharing.

Great to see the two of them having a ball, it's a great way to excercise them isn't it.
I love his Barooos


Wonderful videos..Shaun and Cassie are like made for each other…puppy♥

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