• Awwww…

    So what are you going to call him? Pippen?

  • Houston

    Thanks all,

    Yes, Linda, Pippin is the name of the moment, I love it, my daughter does as well..my son and hubby, not so much..but it isn't their dog.
    Pippin, because he is red as one very famous redheaded little girl from Sweden is, a favorite of mine..Pippi Longstocking…and because his grandfather(on dad's side) is Gandalf, from Lord of the Rings and Pippin is in Lord of the Rings as well.

  • Congrats Petra! When I started reading it and saw Pippen I thought of Pippi Longstocking too! 😃 I used to watch the TV series dubbed in English when I was a teen.

  • Houston

    I just love Pippi L..she rocked my innocent Swedish childhood..in a good, sweet way.

    Isn't he adorable? I so wish I could be closer to him…but I have to be happy with him coming when he does..

    Thank you Dan.

  • How is Otis doing?

  • Houston

    Dan, It's been a while since I spoke to his mommy, but when I did he was thriving. She loves him dearly and is amazed as to how well behaved he is compared to her previous basenji Niles. I hesitate to contact her too much as it is really hard and always brings a tear to my eye..I am still struggling with "letting him go" personally although I know (since everybody tells me so) that I did the right thing.
    Lukas still to this day wonders when he is coming back..breaks my heart.

  • What a beautiful baby. He looks too little for such a long name!!!! I can imagine how thrilled you are and how long the waiting seems. Good too to hear that Otis is doing well. You know you've done the right thing now.

  • He's precious-cute. I love his mask.

  • squeak sooooo super cute!

  • Congrats Petra! It will be third Zahleka boy here :).
    By the way Gandalf is Masai's grandfather too :D.

  • Houston

    Thanks Irena..I am so excited.

  • Petra, I don't recall who Otis was or why you placed him. Was he a foster? However, I have never believed my home was the only home for most dogs and sometimes finding a better fit is the only thing to do.

    Congrats on the new baby! Pippin pictures are going to be much appreciated! 🙂

  • Soooo precious!!!! Awww, puppy breath!!!!

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