• I'm addicted to House MD! For a guy almost my dad's age..he sure is a sexay man LOL! :p

  • OMG another of my favorite shows! Season is over for now though :(, and I don't like watching re-runs. He is damn sexy for an older man hehehe I'm a youngin. I also watch Grey's Anatomy, and LOST every week. OH I've been watching Hell's kitchen too. TV is too addictive I hate it!

  • I also love House.
    What a mean guy, yet you can't take your eyes off of him.
    Heck of an actor that one.
    Really good writers.

  • My husband has me hooked on House and Bones but I make him watch Grey's Anatomy with me.

  • Everytime I watch House I cant help but laugh out loud. What a piece of work that Doc is 🙂 Gotta love his swisted sense of humor LOL
    A new season of Nip Tuck just started. The first episode was last Tuesday. I have been watching that show for over 3 years now. 😃

  • I'm a nurse and alternately love or hate House. Just glad not to know any doctors like him! I've been taking a little down time from tv since American Idol wrapped up–it's like recovering from an addiction (I'm from the home of the current Idol Taylor Hicks).

  • I found this…I think all you House MD loves will like it...Its a casting call. Enjoy!


  • The only show I was addicted to was American Idol too. The TV was mine during those hours! Now I'm addicted to Rock Star Super Nova - Anyone else? I think all the singers a great! If I have a preference - It's Toby. It used to be Ryan, but he's out of the running now.

  • House is grouchy, irritable, obnoxious, and absolutely brilliant! I don't know why I love this show so much but its great!

    And equis8…I am a total Lost addict! I'm going through massive withdrawals right now with the show on haitus. Help meeeeee!!!!

  • did you guys watch last week when john larroquate? guest starred? those two were awesome together. anyway, loved that episode.

  • I loved House when it first came on. Then I moved and never got cable, I just recently got rabbit ears for my TV but just got too used to not watching TV at all. My boyfriend loved Lost and I had never seen it. He's big on buying seasons of shows he likes so I watched them and watched the first two seasons in a matter of 2 weeks. We decided not to watch it on TV though and wait til it came out on DVD. I can't imagine waiting a week to watch a show and then having to sit through all the comercials..ugh. Can't wait!

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