I'm addicted to House MD! For a guy almost my dad's age..he sure is a sexay man LOL! :p

OMG another of my favorite shows! Season is over for now though :(, and I don't like watching re-runs. He is damn sexy for an older man hehehe I'm a youngin. I also watch Grey's Anatomy, and LOST every week. OH I've been watching Hell's kitchen too. TV is too addictive I hate it!

I also love House.
What a mean guy, yet you can't take your eyes off of him.
Heck of an actor that one.
Really good writers.

My husband has me hooked on House and Bones but I make him watch Grey's Anatomy with me.

Everytime I watch House I cant help but laugh out loud. What a piece of work that Doc is 🙂 Gotta love his swisted sense of humor LOL
A new season of Nip Tuck just started. The first episode was last Tuesday. I have been watching that show for over 3 years now. 😃

I'm a nurse and alternately love or hate House. Just glad not to know any doctors like him! I've been taking a little down time from tv since American Idol wrapped up–it's like recovering from an addiction (I'm from the home of the current Idol Taylor Hicks).

I found this…I think all you House MD loves will like it...Its a casting call. Enjoy!


Basenji Mix

The only show I was addicted to was American Idol too. The TV was mine during those hours! Now I'm addicted to Rock Star Super Nova - Anyone else? I think all the singers a great! If I have a preference - It's Toby. It used to be Ryan, but he's out of the running now.

House is grouchy, irritable, obnoxious, and absolutely brilliant! I don't know why I love this show so much but its great!

And equis8…I am a total Lost addict! I'm going through massive withdrawals right now with the show on haitus. Help meeeeee!!!!

did you guys watch last week when john larroquate? guest starred? those two were awesome together. anyway, loved that episode.

I loved House when it first came on. Then I moved and never got cable, I just recently got rabbit ears for my TV but just got too used to not watching TV at all. My boyfriend loved Lost and I had never seen it. He's big on buying seasons of shows he likes so I watched them and watched the first two seasons in a matter of 2 weeks. We decided not to watch it on TV though and wait til it came out on DVD. I can't imagine waiting a week to watch a show and then having to sit through all the comercials..ugh. Can't wait!

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