• They are indeed lovely b's.

  • I will vouch for all three of these basenjis. I've been visiting the males since they were just a few days old, and have watched them grow. They are well socialized, sweet boys. But my heart lays with Jozie. I would take any of them in a heartbeat if my girls would tolerate them, but in particular, I would love to have Jozie. She's just such a sweet, pretty girl.

  • Bumping up. As of Feb 4, all 3 dogs are still available.

  • They are all beautiful. Do you think any of them would fit in with my life? 1 VERY energetic/playful basenji x, 2 chihuahas (roommates- they are not fragile creatures that break if you look at them, but don't like playing basenji games all the time- hence the need for a full sized friend 😉 4 outside barn cats. Horses. I live on 20 acres. Have a 5 ft fenced kennel, but Paisley can jump out of it (GRRR danged athletic creature ). House is fenced on 3 sides with 3 1/2 ft fencing, and at bottom of yard is a creek. I never let the dogs out without watching them or going outside as well. Paisley is not a runner and has an excellent recall though, and I know that purebreds may not be like her, and am prepared to use an extended leash for bathroom breaks. Looking for a playful dog that will get along with everyone in the house, and will cuddle on couch or bed at end of day. Hoping for not super destructo 😉 . I also compete in equestrian events and like to take dogs to horseshows ( on a leash) where they would see a variety of people and animals. Let me know if you think any of them would fit in.

  • May I ask? Why you will not be using them in your breeding program? I am just curious and trying to learn about Basenji genetics and breeding lines and all that.

  • paisleydog - You can write me at yodeldogs at aol dot com and we talk about it.


    May I ask? Why you will not be using them in your breeding program? I am just curious and trying to learn about Basenji genetics and breeding lines and all that.

    I'm not using Jozie primarily because I don't like her movement. I have better moving dogs that can help move me forward with my breeding program whereas Jozie's offspring could potentially be a step back.

    Spot is a very nice boy with a lot going for him but his rear movement is poor. He is slightly cow-hocked and it bugs me. I don't think movement like that needs to be passed along.

    Rainie is another story. Quite frankly, I do not want to rehome him. I am very fond of this dog, and I have an emotional attachment to him. His conformation and movement could benefit my breeding program if I could lease the right bitch to breed to him. I am concerned about him getting out of the fence though. I keep asking myself, "Should I keep him and do something to the fence to make it safer or should I just rehome him into an already safer home?" I waver on a daily basis. 😕

  • I sent you an email.

  • Thanks for the reply Robyn. I am really learning a lot really quickly thanks to all the knowledge here in the forum.. I have never bred dogs or any animal other than tropical fish.. I am also new to the show ring and am trying to learn everything I can. I showed Ayo last October and he did very well, the judges gave him all five points every day for four days, and he got one best in group and three second place in group. So I figure he must be at least ok, but he was the only basenji there, so I didnt have anyone to compare him to. Everyone that has seen him, including my friend who handled him,loves him. She was the one who convinced me to show him, and she is a pro and really knows a lot but deals mostly with German shepherds and rotweilers, remand, never basenjis, so although I value her judgement, I still dont understand myself what makes good movement , etc … I ve read a lot about it but I just don't get it. I was thinking about getting some videos maybe and studying those to see if I understand.. anyway thanks for sharing, hope you find great homes for them.. By the way,. I used to live in Atlanta, I went to GeorgiaTech......

  • paisleydog - Thanks 🙂

    dmey - Movement is something hard to describe in just words. I would recommend the book The Basenji Stacked and Moving by Robert Cole. It is a very good book for beginners to help learn the breed standard. The majority of dog breeds have the same basic movement. Hang out at dog shows and watch other breeds. (Not German Shepherds, Miniature Pinschers, or Bulldogs. Those are in a world unto themselves.) Do you have a mentor?

  • I emailed you acquiring about the dogs. I'm interested in the black mail, or jozie. 🙂 All three are beautiful! This will be my first dog, and my first basenji . Never been so excited in my life.

  • Thanks a lot Robyn, I will try and get that book. I dont really have a mentor. My friend Denisse Rodriguez, is a very well known handler here and she got me into showing Ayo, when she saw him when he was a small puppy. She really helped during the show and handled him for me and gave me lots of tips. But as far as the basenji breed I really dont know anyone here who shows them and breeds them. I know that there are a couple of basenjis that are shown, I saw them at an earlier show, last september. Aida de Aguilo and Ramses de Aguilo, but i didnt see them at the october show. Also there arent tht many shows here, only about three a year that I know of, so.. basically the forum has been my mentor. The more I learn the more I like it. Is exciting. I definetly will learn more about showing and will eventually get another basenji, maybe next year, I dont think breeding them, even responsibly of course, makes sense here in dominican republic, at least for now, I dont see that there would be enough people interested in a basenji puppy in a responsible manner, you know, people who are really willing to do it right . Very few people here understand that you shouldnt breed any dog, and they arent very understanding about spay/neuter and co-ownership.
    I will find out when the next show is, but i think its not until september!!!!!!

  • First Basenji's

    Are your boys still available? Particularly Rainie, or did you fix the fence? I have 10 acres with 3 'field fenced' and proofed to digging….mostly:)

  • I do have a couple who have expressed interest in adopting both boys together but I would be happy to talk to you also. Email me and tell me a bit about yourself and family and we can chat from there. 🙂

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