Sonny conquers his fear!

weekly trips to the beach have made him much better with the ocean! 🙂

Oh, this is so b's hate the water.

I love the first picture - so nice with the sun in the background and Sonny silhouetted against it.

First Basenji's

Yay! Way to go Sonny!
And I agree, the first pic is so beautiful.

(Cody makes me walk between him and the water when we are at the beach. He isn't taking any chances! Sonny is so brave!)

Lovely photos.

How the devil did you manage to get him in the water !!!! Cooper would go into meltdown lol !!!!!

At high tide as we walk the beach there are some channels of water you must cross through to continue on. He's learned over the past few months I will not carry him :eek: and he gets a treat when he comes to the other side to meet me! :p When we first started to go to the beach he refused…He would run up & down the edge of the water but not go in...we'd sit there steering at each other from opposite sides 😉


Wow, stunning pictures indeed.
How brave of Sonny to conquer the water…medal worthy or at least (meat)medallion worthy..

This was very fun to see. I love seeing them in the water. Tammie would have been standing on my HEAD.

I suppose it is coincidence but all the tris I've had have had no fear of water wheeras most of the red/whites have been very cautious. They are baeutiful pictures and what a brave Sonny!

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