Sonny vs Julio

Can't figure out how to get the video to play in post but hope this works!!

Was Julio making all the noise ? It looks like Sonny just calmly hung on then grabbed the toy silently.

Yes that is Julio making all that noise..the 1st time we heard all that noise from the other room we thought sonny was eating julio! Lol

If Julio was a Basenji he would have tried to trick Sonny out of that toy. Like run around from behind and nipped his butt or taunted him to chase then run around and grab the toy. I think this why Sonny likes Julio. 😃 With my last 2 Basenjis it was pure trickery and deceit to get what the other had mainly a soggy rawhide chew bone. :rolleyes: It looks like Sonny and Julio have a great time together.

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