Serious peoblem again….any advice.i am lost

Panting since 2.00 in the morning today. looks to be in a lot of distress. every few mins makes a sound like he wants to pass gas but nothing is coming out.

O am very scared please advice.

Go to the specialist/emergency vet ideally one that has board certified specialists in attendance. Do not delay.


Since this seems to be a continued problem from your other post, Linda is right, specialist/emergency vet immediately

How is the dog now?

Could be blockage, bloat, anything. PLEASE post and let us know now it is.

Hi everyone , sunny is doing well now. He had a lot of gas then, i figured it out later. Thanks guys for all the concern and support.

Question: If you are quite sure your basenji has gas, can you give them something like Gas-X?

With this dogs issues, I wouldn't do anything the vet didn't recommend.
What did the vet say??

What's the diet? To have that kind of situation is serious. How often has this happened? Did you exercise the B after feeding?

I don't see how just gas is the issue, is the vet sure?

In general you can give gas X… but I would be afraid to give this dog anything until a thorough workup. Bloat is related to gas that gets trapped. Please get this dog to a specialist if this happens again.

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