• After reading some threads I was curious about height and weight. If I measured right Zoey is about 15 inches at the withers. I think she is back up to 17 lbs. With her I had been concerned about her weight in that she always seemed too thin. After changing food she has been doing great and I feel good about her weight now.

    Chief is the opposite I worry he will gain too much weight lol. He measured 17 inches does that sound right? He is a cuddly armful :). I dont know his weight but he almost looks twice the size of zoe, but i'm sure he isn't twice her weight.
    I have been trying to get pictures that show the size difference but the shots I took dont seem to show it as well.

  • Sounds about right to me

  • I think they both look great

  • They both look good. Damisi is about 15 1/2 inches and weighs about 18.5 lbs. Sugar is 16 inches and weighs 20.6 lbs. I will post a pic of her for your comparison.

  • Just this morning I took this pic and it shows the size difference much better. Having had Bs over 25 yrs ago I kept waiting for Zoey to get bigger and started to wonder if my memory of them was wrong then I got Chief 🙂 but zoe being so small just made him seem so much bigger. Thanks nomrbddgs would love to see the pics. Thanks all I just want them as healthy as possible.

  • Bitches, according to standard should be 16 inches with an inch either way. She looks perfectly normal to me. It is a shock when you have one at the low end of the scale and one at the higher end of the scale, but both are normal. Two inches makes a huge difference.

  • Our dog park group has extremes, several of the girls are very petite, weighing 15-16 lbs and looking great. There are a few very tall and slim boys, and a couple who are tall and, hmmm, not slim! Basically, we have the full spectrum of body types, some people are surprised they are the same breed with all the colors and sizes.

    Sounds like you just have 2 ends of the spectrum, both look great to me.

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